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Talos and his wife Soren and other Skrulls, who belong to Nick Fury and have good intentions and are maybe not thinking of taking over the earth, are in my opinion perhaps not the wire pullers of a possible invasion, but there could always be some extremists, such as the Kree Ronan, who wants to turn the whole page and goes with extreme means. So it remains really exciting what they will really do with the Skrulls in the future. As important as the Skrulls may be for the future, is also the interesting question: How long has Nick Fury been a Skrull, or how long has Talos pretended to be Nick Fury and how long has Nick Fury been in space in this Space Station and doing whatever he's doing there?

We were even given a lot of hints. If you watched Captain Marvel, you might remember this scene where Captain Marvel and Nick Fury have a little talk. In this little conversation Nick Fury talks about the fact that he can't eat sandwiches when they are cut diagonally. Now we jump into the year 2014 in which Avengers Age of Ultron took place. Here we have a little scene, in the house of Hawkeye, where Nick Fury prepares himself a sandwich. He cuts this sandwich diagonally. That means he contradicts himself and I think if a person shouldn't contradict himself, the this person would be Nick Fury.

So what does that mean? Was that already a sign that was sent to us back then? That Nick Fury wasn't Nick Fury anymore at that time? Such a minimal detail can't mean anything in the end and can simply be a thoughtless mistake that was just built into it. However, as we have already discussed, even the smallest detail can mean something very big for the MCU and with the present reveal that Talos was Nick Fury, it is really very possible, but at least it can only have been a strange coincidence. The scene in which Nick Fury said that he can not eat a sandwich if it is cut diagonally came several years later in Captain Marvel, but maybe this dialogue only happens to this little scene, which would be extremely clever script writing. An already existing scene that takes place in the future, to make use of itself in the future. To set a clear sign in a prequel that came out later. For now, however, this is only pure speculation and a theory that is in circulation.

But one could also simply believe that Nick Fury needed a paause after all the events after Infinity War and Endgame and takes a kind of vacation on the Space Station. But that would be a too simple scenario for the MCU and would not do justice to the whole storyline told so far in the MCU. But Infinity War and Endgame have been the biggest dangers Earth has seen so far, Nick Fury has probably decided to take care of bigger things, as well as just take a vacation. This scene where we see Nick Fury, where it first looks like he is chilling on a beach and then it's revealed that it's all a hologram, is also a good allusion again to Spider-Man Far from Home.

But now we come to the most important part of this scene. Nick Fury walks out of the cabin and you can really see how huge this Space Station is. What is this Space Station about and what is Nick Fury doing there? The whole thing can be very simple to explain as well as have a huge significance for the MCU. You just have to know the comics and there is also a Space Station and it belongs to a certain organization called S.W.O.R.D. This organization is very simple explained the opposite of S.H.I.E.L.D. as you can guess from the name.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is the protection on earth for earth and the organization S.W.O.R.D. takes care of problems from outer space. This organization has the very important function in the comics to protect the earth from all cosmic and intergalactic dangers and to take care of them or to defeat them before they can reach the earth and before they get a chance for that. And that is probably what Marvel Studios is about to do with the MCU. We already know, that the story and the events in the fourth Phase will be spread more into the cosmos and the actions on earth will become smaller and smaller and the whole thing will be more intergalactic and heroic.

I think that Nick Fury is currently working on S.W.O.R.D. and that he will proceed like in S.H.I.E.L.D. he did by recruiting intergalactic heroes. He will lead this organization along with some Skrulls that we already saw at the Space Station.

So to speak Phase 4 is starting now just like the first Phase started when Nick Fury founded the Avengers in its beginning. And since some of the old Avengers aren't there anymore, new heroes have to come, preferably from all over the galaxy, who also know all the dangers from the galaxy. But it will still take some time until it will be something really big. But the foundation stone has already been laid very well.

How it will go on in Phase 4, which movies, and also series, will expect us, that was partly revealed by Kevin Feige yesterday at the Comic Con. In addition I will write a post in the coming days with all informations that are given to us.


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