Marvel's Problem with the Rights to the Superheros #2



Until recently, the X-Men didn't belong to Marvel. 20th Century Fox had bought them and was allowed to make one movie after the other and Marvel couldn't do anything about it. Of course they are Marvel-figures but Twentieth Century Fox was responsible for all X-Men movies and series.

How something like this can be noticed, you could see for example at the character Quiksilver. You could see it in Age of Ultron by MCU, but also in the X-Men. In Age of Ultron he didn't just live for the movie and then sacrificed himself or was killed directly and only his sister Scarlet Witch was kept. In the X-Men movies you only saw Scarlet Witch as a little sister somewhere on the edge. The interesting thing about this character is Magneto, because he is the father of both. So the MCU wasn't even mentioned in the X-Men movies and in the MCu Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were created by an experiment and in the X-Men world they are mutants of course.

This problem is no longer present, because Disney has bought back the rights. That means Marvel can soon use the X-Men. We don't know when that will happen, but it's said all the time that the next five to eight years were already planned and the X-Men wouldn't come in the near future.

With the purchase of Twentieth Century Fox many immediately said Yes! Now the Fantastic Four can finally be filmed by Marvel! and yes, that might happen at some point but you have to be careful, because Marvel Studios don't own all rights of the Fantastic Four. With the purchase of Twentieth Century Fox Marvel Studios only got the distribution rights for the Fantastic Four.

Twentieth Century Fox had a close agreement with the German film production company Constantin Film. Constantin film had secured the rights at that time, as said by Bernd Eichinger.

Bernd Eichinger even had a Fantastic Four film produced for one million US dollars and there was even advertising for the film, and that was it. This was only done so that Bernd Eichinger and Constantin Film could keep the rights. That means Constatin FIlm, the German production company, is still the sole production rights owner of the Fantastic Four. Since the acquisition by Twentieth Century Fox, Disney only owns the distribution rights. This means that Disney must continue to work with Constantin Film so that they can use the characters at all. But they are only allowed to distribute if Constantin Film gives the OK for a production of such a film beforehand.

For future uses of characters from the Fantastic Four such as Doctor Doom, Disney or the Marvel Studios must talk to Constantin Film and negotiate a deal. By the way, this also concerns the Silver Surfer, the villain Kang the Conqueror and the villain Galactus, so it's pretty unlikely that you'll see Galactus as the next big villain in the MCU right away. Because only recently the distribution rights ended up with Disney and now they probably had to deal with Constantin again.

However, it has to be said that it never became known what the contract between Twentieth Century Fox and Constantin Film actually looks like and what this contract says exactly and how much influence Constantin Film has on the Fantastic Four rights. That's a big secret.

And that's where the fun doesn't stop.


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The characters were sold to avoid Bankruptcy. Sadly that was their biggest mistake. As for now, Disney owns the Marvel universe and they have enough money. Lol... Mistakes happen.

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