Fish Mandala - artwork of oender tuerk design



The original is a work of the artist Visoth Kakvei that you can find here.



Today night I finished with my mandala fish. I also shaded it a bit and gave it a bit of a 3D effect.

I never listened to an audiobook while I was drawing, until now it was always music. It was fun to hear a story by H.P. Lovecraft next to it.

I tryed just for fun a few filter and this looked nice. At my deviant you

The work is not my own idea, it is a copy drawing.The original is a work of the artist Visoth Kakvei that you can find here.

https://ing in its original form without any filter.


Ich bin mit meinem Mandala Fisch zum ende gekommen. Ich habe es auch etwas schattiert und dem somit einen kleinen 3D Effekt gegeben.

Ich hatte bisher noch nie ein Hörbuch an während ich gezeichnet habe, es war bisher immer nur Musik. Es hat spass gemacht neben her eine Geschichte von H.P. Lovecraft zu hören.


The work is not my own idea, it is a copy drawing.The original is a work of the artist Visoth Kakvei that you can find here.


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[DE]Du hast ein Upvote bekommen, ein Grund zur Freude.

User wie @steemchiller @portalmine @driveforkids @nosdos brauchen immer wieder mal Unterstützung. @cleanplanet ist auch eine geniale Sache. All diese werden von mir mit täglichen Spenden beglückt. Gut es ist nicht die große Masse aber Kleinvieh macht auch mist. Um dies zu verwirklichen bin ich auf SBD angewiesen die ich durch die täglichen Posts bekommen. Für Support wäre ich sehr dankbar.

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15.07.2019 13:16

çok güzel görünüyor 🙆‍♀️

15.07.2019 05:21

tsk ederim @sudefteri :)

15.07.2019 13:16

Wonderful design.

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15.07.2019 07:26

thank you @anaerwu :)

15.07.2019 13:17

Wunderschön anzusehen.
Beautiful artwork.

15.07.2019 07:53

ich danke dir @lotusfleur

15.07.2019 13:17

Wunderschön geklaut ^^

16.07.2019 14:20

??? What ??? 😯

16.07.2019 16:19

schau dir mal die Kommentare unterm Hauptpost an

16.07.2019 16:41

Ach man, ich dachte es wäre aus eigener Kreativität entstanden. Schade.
Trotzallem einen respekt an den, der es gezeichnet hat.
Warum nur...?!?!?
Ist doch doof bilder zu klauen.

16.07.2019 19:35

Gier :D

16.07.2019 19:48

@lotusfleur, es ist abgezeichnet und mein fehler war es, es verpeilt zu haben es hier zu erwähnen. Und jetzt versuchen die ganzen kleinenhater daraus eine welle zu machen,

16.07.2019 20:25

Ok. Ach man, welch Streit wegen einem Kunstwerk entstehen kann...ich finde das Bild klasse, egal von wem es am ende ist. Bitte kennzeichne deine Werke doch, damit du weniger Angriffsfläche bietest.
Alles liebe

16.07.2019 20:32

eigentlich mache ich das ja, aber ich hatte es dieses mal verpeilt und jetzt versuchen meine hater daraus was grosses zu machen.

16.07.2019 20:35

Kopf hoch. Carpe diem. Jeder Tag ist ein neuer beginn...du kannst auf jeden fall gut (ab-) malen. Talent dazu hast du. Zeig einfach das du mehr kannst als alle von dir hier anscheinend denken. :)))

16.07.2019 20:44
16.07.2019 21:20

Thanks for all informations, I checked it when @luegenbaron wrote a comment...
Thanks god I am a food and travel blogger and see most of the time original nature work ;)
I hope this people wake up and post their original work. Lets be the change we wanna see on the blockchain world.
(This original quote was once upon a time from gandhi ;))
I am now writing on my next original post, so guys sorry, but I am out here.
Love to all of you (maybe bob marley would say it like that)
Hope to see good context soooooon :*

16.07.2019 21:30


I wonder what inspired you to this beautiful mandala koi?!

15.07.2019 10:25

It was the novel The Shadow over Innsmouth of HP Lovecraft. The inhabitants their worshiped the mystical god Dagon, who is a kind of fish god.

15.07.2019 13:16

Yes, you mentioned listening to HP Lovecraft in the post above.

I was actually more perplexed by the striking similarity to this:

The incredible drawings of Visoth Kakvei screenshot from pinterest

That looks almost as if you tried to trace this work by a young and talented artist named Visothkakvei

For anyone else interested, his fine art prints can be purchased here:

And you @oendertuerk, please kindly remember to attribute your sources properly. It's a shame this young talented artist is missing all the exposure while you bid-bot your derivative work to such obscene amounts.

Thank You!

15.07.2019 18:33

I thought you learned from your mistakes 2 years ago.

15.07.2019 20:10

He has done this before? :D

16.07.2019 19:45

Yeah, the chain doesn't lie... not like I was expecting his usual posts to be anything but spun articles either but at least I got him to not use ocdb to stack bid bots, but of course that just labeled me a "hater of his success".

16.07.2019 19:47

right @acidyo, 2 years ago i did a mistake and this time my mistake was not to mention the original work and the artist

16.07.2019 20:25

but of course that tabled me a "hater of his success"

Why are you twisting that @acidyo?
Never said that you are so


16.07.2019 23:28

lol, way to go through the effort of searching through dm's and posting them on the blockchain. If you think being successful means buying profitable votes from all the existing bid bots while you keep getting busted for providing nothing of originality then I have no words for you nor time to waste. Enjoy your "success".

16.07.2019 23:32

there's no conclusive evidence, just insinuations. And that is what you are trying to sell as right with your mutual consent.
Until now i thought that you are a cool guy but meanwhile i believe that you are in the circle with the few guys to bullying and bashing me. or why was one of the first comments yours?
you're complaining about me digging dms out? but it's good to dig out my mistakes? nice to see that you are a perfect guy with no mistakes.
I've never had a problem with you before, but cool to see how you really are.

17.07.2019 00:09

i just happened to see it and i pointed it out, is it fair that you're hogging all of the bid bots and attention while there's users out there creating better original content? You think I sit in some chat laughing and bullying you and targeting you cause someone tells me to?

Way to get self-defensive. It is bad mannered to post dm's cause they can be in any context especially when it's old ones, but what you did happened on chain and you were taking the reward pool of other more deserving authors, don't try and compare and play the victim role, you know what you're doing.


17.07.2019 00:14

the context is exactly there without digressions. don't try to talk your way out of it.
And yes i use bots. many do taht. after your friends ruined everything with their defamation about me, i had to use bots to get visible again. if u are so against bots, why don't you tell that to the operators? and why do you run one yourself? of course, now you will give the answer that your bot doesn't generate any profit? really? is that true? don't you pay out any profits???
oh, let me guess, if you say something against the bot operators, then your delegations are in danger, you can't do that. so others like me have to pay for your frustration?
double moral is what you call it here. if you do it, it is ok, if others do it, it is wrong?
really it's enough. if I don't say anything, you and a few others think you can treat people like you want.
cool attitude man.

17.07.2019 00:32

What the fuck are you talking about?

17.07.2019 00:45

My friends? @donkeypong and some others busted you plagiarising and you begged for forgiveness. This was before bid bots existed.

Ocdb does not generate a profit, obviously the delegators do or else no one would delegate to it. In the meantime the other bots take a cut out of each bid because apparently it's so hard to do what they do so they need it.

Is there actually something wrong with you? Cause I'll leave you alone if there is cause that wouldn't be fair. It's pretty funny reading your comments and DMS and the way you write there compared to the english in the spun articles you bot up for that x% profit each bid. Enjoy it until HF21.

17.07.2019 00:48

and really? You just so happened to forget to attribute the real artist in 3 posts? The original artist which you couldn't keep your eyes off his drawing for 3 whole posts you just happened to forget to give credit to in 3 different occasions? lol bro

17.07.2019 00:54

i know that my english was and is such a problem for you.
you dm me that and i heard how you guys make fun of it.
and sure, it is mannered digging, sry, hogging out old things.
weren't those your words? a few comments before?
to saying please is polite at us but i see, for those like you it seems like begging.
i said what i have to say.

17.07.2019 01:15

Not a problem, I can understand you, it just makes your case for posting anything original on this platform much, much weaker.

17.07.2019 01:19

XD you deserve an upvote for this one

17.07.2019 00:56

Oendertuerk,can't believe it is done with handwork,so amazing

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15.07.2019 11:18

thank you @vinay1999 :)

15.07.2019 13:18

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15.07.2019 21:53

This post was edited see here for the original

15.07.2019 22:25

No direct comment on the matter, but he does have the courtesy of editing the post with a notice about how this is a derivative work.

He did not add that footnote on the other posts in the series, though!

I also found the comment by @luegenbaron on your post about @oendertuerk's shady business in the science section quite intruiging!

screenshot of @luegenbaron's comment


16.07.2019 08:31

welcome back :)

16.07.2019 14:18

additionally the source needs to be cited VISUALLY, since its an image that its being copied,
in the case of texts we use quotes, in the case of images the image needs to be show at the same size of the copied work at least

16.07.2019 21:01

I thought they had reformed. I think we may have seen enough to constitute an SFR ban if that had not already been done. For shame!

16.07.2019 12:51

the work is not stolen, it is a copy drawing, (trace? how @johnwatson said, i dont know if this word fits it better)
i see that the problem is that i didnt mention the original work and the artist. and of course i edited the post. i never said that it was my own idea. even when @johnwatson ask me but even then i didn't specify the artist. my mistake because i didn't get the idea to say that.
you can see that its a copy drawing if you compare both drawings, my (the copy drawing) and the original - you can see that at the shading. for example, the shading of the fin is in the original bigger and in my copy drawing it is more tuned to the fin.
@johnwatson, i have now edited the others posts too with mention the artist.

16.07.2019 20:23

You have posted an image in an artistic tag (photography, art, etc.) without attribution or source. By doing so you are claiming to be the content creator.
Editing the post afterwards does not negate the fact that no attempt to credit the original creator was made.

Plagiarism]( is the copying & pasting of others work without giving credit to the original author orartist.

epeateed plagiarism or tag abuse is considered spam. Spam is discouraged by the community and may result in action from the cheetah bot.

More ire information on Image Plagiarism](
More iMore information on artistic tags


If you believe this comment is in error, please contact us in #disputes on Discord

17.07.2019 01:05