Steemit is an awesome ecosystem where ideas and investment are cherished so much.

It is every new steemian idea to succeded with high reputation , High earnings and recognition.
All this are possible because one thing l know is that with a focus mind all is achievable.There is an insect it embodiment and principles rules beyond the animal kingdom.

The Ants

The ant looks tiny but with a super brain,ideas and bound with principles.In the affairs of the ant it does not utter it plan, no leader yet works effectively.

It Plan


No leader yet work is effective

The ants has no leader yet work effectively with each one playing it part.The whole idea is to contribute to the stability of the ecosystem.
If the community is stable each ant is also stable.
Within the affairs of man ,leaders are always needed .With steemit you are the leader of your life.
Have time as a new steemian to navigate your self to the large ecosystem with constant determination to connect with other people with your post.
Is not easy to be a steemian ,writing of post,what to even write about ,lead self through it

Multiply hands


There is a proverb in my local language which says "a single persons hand can never cover the eyes of God".Yes the same goes with life .In every community ,a single hand can never can not keep the ecosystem alive.The more people connect the more it grows ,the more people invest the more it increases ,the more people promote the more it reaches others.

As a new steemian see to it that you help the community or steemit platform at any area you see fit.
Either you invest or promote.Help others to grow with you by motivating them to do more.An upvote may even do..

Hear what Henry Ford once said “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”



Time is so essential that a lost opportunity in time may be difficult to get it back.This means anytime time is highlighter man needs to be very careful.As a new steemian understand the value of timing on steeming

*The time to read other post and comment

*The time to join contest

*The time to invest.

*The time to grow your steem power.

The ant understand this prnciple therefore gathers it stuff at the right time.When price drop know what to do and when price increases know what to do.

Remember steemit is all about investment, Patience, Consistance and determination.

Have a nice stay to all new steemians .....

Steemit moving the world forward


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