Contest: Steem Health and fitness !! 5 benefits of regular physical exercise by @odsam2

Hello lovely steemians around the world, It always pays when the body is exercised .That is why exerices cannot be overlook in the daily life of every human being.

A lot of things happens to the body us one exercise and the exercise we are talking about is all about what you love to do through out the week or some selected days of the week.



  • Push ups
  • Walking
  • squats
  • lunges
  • Abdominal Crunches

By doing these type of exercise everyday it means you are put the body in a right shape.
There are so many benefit you introduce the body to when you exercise.


This reminds me of Charles Duhigg who once said "Typically, people who exercise, start eating better and becoming more productive at work. They smoke less and show more patience with colleagues and family. They use their credit cards less frequently and say they feel less stressed. Exercise is a keystone habit that triggers widespread change."

The widespread changes one will obtaine is as follows;

1. Your memory and brain function is improved.


The brain controls all what the body does.Therefore your productivity depends on how your brain function.Exercising your body increases your brain function.Your retention is also increases.Each time you exercise, your body releases chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins in your brain that produces a sense of happy feelings. Not only does your brain aquire goodess ,it also get rid of unwanted chemicals as well.

2.Aid in weight management


The bodys weight can increase if care is not taken.Most people are oversize that they turn to hit themselves and body weight.Exercising correct this by burning excess cholorestorl and a whole lot of fat from the body...Not easy as is said but when its done one feels the impart.

3.Protect against many chronic diseases.


Chronic they say because it is very difficult to end this type of disease .Protection can be made by just giving your body some walks or push and this diseases will not even gain roots to function...Diseases like stroke, cancer ,piles ,headaches are all prevented.

4.Improve your quality of sleep.

Did you know that ,Sleeping well keeps the body in shape? Studies have proven that people who habitually sleep less than six and a half hours of per night are more prone to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. Exercise cause the muscles and nerves to relax causing sleeping hormons to be released ,a better night is spent and a good sleep is achieved.Exercise causes one to sleep well .

5. Increase life span

Life is precious and a life lost can never be gotten back.Many people die easily due to some hidden diseases which one does not know.Exercise reshape all organs helping to produce adquate hormoes for the better functioning of the body.Exercise to keep the body in shape ,well in other to increase your life span.

Exercise your body to keep it in shape....

Many thanks to #aroundtheworld mod for this contest.


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