Diary of how I spent my today

Today I said I wasn’t going to write code, I just wanted to chill… like chop, sleep, chop again, sleep again like that. Don’t ask me if I like food lol, you already know the answer…
Slept very late last, woke up around 9 am, it was my phone that woke me up. One of my colleagues was calling to ascertain how far i have gone with my task. Our conversation went thus;

Him: how far odogwu
Me: I dey o (with a dim voice that almost anybody can predict that i just woke up)
Him: you don wake?
Me: I never wake o, I dey fast asleep lool (but serious i don’t know why some person like asking some kind of question, the same person you are talking to, you are asking him if he is awake. Person wey dey sleep fit talk?) i continued,
Him: laughed… no vex, the thing don master me., how far with the task?
Me: the guy I need a break, I don’t want to write code today, i just to chill.
Him: ok then, come let’s go and Chau(eat)
Me: ok, give me some time to refresh.
Him: alright, I will block you in 20mins (meaning he would meet up with me)
That was how I went to the cafeteria with Tochukwu, too hot pap and bread,


chilled for some time in the cafeteria, retreated back to the room, after few minutes of gossip, I decided to even open my laptop and see what is happening. body no gree me o, na so I open laptops, saw some bugs that needed to be fixed, started doing one or two before I remembered my initial resolution of nit coding today. Chai, I’m becoming addicted to this sh!t, God save your pikin o.


Well I didn’t do much today, fast-forwarded to this evening, went found my way to the cafeteria, ate Jollof rice and plantain, life goes on, abi I no try??


Thank you for your time, do good to tell me what you think about my story.

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