Questions Prospect Ask About Longrich


Prospect: I have read the Longrich process and everything. I think my only problem might be in the referrals. U know since I need to refer people before getting paid.

Me: When you open a new shop, do you not tell all your friends and neighbors to come and patronize your young business?? You even convince people to come buy the original products you have in your shop. That is word of mouth advert. It is prompting your business.

When a friend needs a reliable household electrical appliance, do you not mention a reliable brand name? One that has been tested and trusted and has stood the test of time?? That is promotion of the brand product and name. That is also marketing.

You are on your way back from work and there is need to celebrate the promotion of a colleague. Of course, you will need to go to a neat place where good food is sold as well as cold drinks are served. How do you know about this place?? Word of mouth recommendation. That is promoting that service business.

You see a great post online. Oh! The writer really mirrored your thoughts. You truly agree with the poster 200%. You share the write up giving it more publicity. Your friends see and read. When the writer is acknowledged, they go to his or her wall, read other amazing posts by that creative mind and send requests. What have you done?? You have widened his readership base. Given him more publicity, more followers and more admirers.

These are all forms of network marketing.

Why Then Do we become defensive when it comes to Longrich business?

Why do we profess negativity when we should take the bull by the horns and try something new??

Do we open a business and declare that the business will not succeed with own mouths??

Do we not try even when it looks like the odds are against us??

Can you talk??

Can you share pictures and write-ups about longrich??

Can you copy and paste??

Then, you can succeed in this longrich business.

Longrich promotes teamwork.


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