Longrich is the Answer


It is no longer news that Batch A Corps Members passed out yesterday.
O yes, another set of graduates unleashed into the labour or favour market??

Then, the questions that beg to be asked.
"Did they learn a trade?"
"Did they prepare themselves to surmount the financial challenges ahead?"
"Are they ready for the life-without-allawee?"
"Are they gearing up to carry certificates up and down?" 😭😭

Over 2,000 corpers passed out, which country can employ all of them?
Chai!! The tragedy of our nation!!

Dear Ex-Corper ooo,

Congratulations on your POP.

A greater reminder that you need to embrace entrepreneurship.
It's time to be your own boss.
Start early and build your network to succeed.

The days of

"My uncle promised me a job"
"My uncle is a wicked man. He only reserves the best jobs for his children."

My brother,
My sister,
Those days are over.
Build your own connect oooo.

Use the mouth that you want to use to lament about the wickedness of uncles, relatives and Nigeria to build your Longrich team and constantly receive alerts non-stop.

Many corps members have signed on and started doing the work already.
Congratulations to this amazing corper that built a business and is pushing it and earning as well. You could be the next person to be celebrated.

Get onboard today.

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