Annabel3comes home review安娜贝尔3在泰国芭提雅上映

Annabel as the most powerful doll in the whole spirit universe is naturally a big IP, but unfortunately not released in China, but in Thailand just caught up with the last bus, so I ran to see Annabel 3: Go home .
This section such like The Cabin in the Woods, sitting on a million ghosts and atomic bombs. Under the house, dare to put the wild naughty children alone at home, not waiting for an accident or doing? Although the atmosphere is horrible, compared to Annabelle power before, this time obviously lacks abilityability. The female host is a little girl in the bad kind, from the appearance to the acting are not picky. I hope that after the hope, the flag of the spirit of the universe will be picked up. This year is not just the return of Disney to lead all kinds of big ip, the horror film is also returning. The cult film moonlight flustered in my heart is a little bit strange before, as a modern film, although copying the classic bgm, but nostalgia seems to have no other new ideas. Annabel's performance is average, I hope that the clown film it and the ghost baby can have excellent performance. And a toy store downstairs in the theater has dolls selling Annabel and Chaqi, probably trying to scare me.
这一部能是把人气炸的林中小屋设定,坐拥千万鬼怪恶灵原子弹在房子底下还敢放熊孩子单独在家不是等着出事还是要干嘛? 虽然氛围恐怖,但是相比较之前安娜贝尔的牛掰,这次显然能力不足,女主是坏种里面的小姑娘,从长相到演技都没什么可挑剔的。 希望之后会扛起招魂宇宙大旗。今年不仅仅是迪士尼带领各种大ip回归, 恐怖片也是回归不断。cult片月光光心慌慌在我心里有点没有之前的惊艳,作为现代片,虽然复制了经典bgm,但是除了怀旧仿佛没有其它新意。 安娜贝尔表现平平,希望小丑片it和鬼娃恰奇能有出色表现。 以及影院楼下一个玩具店有卖安娜贝尔和恰奇的娃娃, 可能就是想吓死我。

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