The Concept of Green Housing and it's profits in the Global Agricultural Sector "Tomato's cultivation as a case study"

#Green House greenhouse is a structure with walls and roof made chiefly of transparent material, such as glass, in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown.

The glass greenhouses are filled with equipment including screening installations, heating, cooling, lighting, and may be controlled by a computer to optimize conditions for plant growth. Different techniques are then used to evaluate optimality-degrees and comfort ratio of greenhouse micro-climate (i.e., air temperature, relative humidity and vapor pressure deficit) in order to reduce production risk prior to cultivation of a specific crop. [source]

Most green houses are used for commercial purposes; many commercial greenhouses are high tech production facilities for vegetables or flowers such as "tomato, cucumber, lettuce and other varieties of vegetables".

Pictures taken by me

Green housing in the Agricultural sector nowadays is the easiest way of cultivating vegetables, with full and huge profit. Below are some of the pros of Green Housing;

  1. It is easy to operate
  2. It doesn't consume much time
  3. It opens Farmers' minds to the scientific and technological production/cultivation of crops
  4. It gives farmers the opportunity to cultivate at any time of their choice, without waiting for the natural perfect time of production (raining season)
    5 It gives farmers the total control of crop cultivation. Farmers decide the degree of watery of the crops or vegetables.


  1. It's cost to operate.
  2. It's demand high level of competences to operate
  3. It's only promote commercial agriculture.

Pictures of tomatoes harvested from the green housing taken by me.

This is just a small article on green housing which I want to call the attention of all and sundry to. You can invest on it and make profits without being a farmer. There are a lot of Agricultural Science graduate out there with the knowledge of green housing who are looking forward to set up green housing but see all their efforts in vain as a result of being handicap financially.
It was a great day for me with my brother (HON MAY) in his Research Institute who enlightened me briefly on green housing. By so doing, I feel like posting it here for my steemians family to benefit.

Picture of my brother and I taken by my brbrother.
This is just the tip; my next post on this will be based fully on tomatoes cultivation using green house; how it benefits farmers (commercial )and the profit one can get from it

I hopehis small article be of great fortunes for u us all. Contact me @odeis50 for any question as I'm ever ready to answer with my best knowledge on GREEN HOUSE.

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