The right thing to do or the next thing to do

In a dilemma state, people, at times do get confused with what is right to do? and what is next to do?
This brought about the active and crucial answers suitable for the following three questions:

  • who am I
  • Why am I
  • Where am I going


Basically, the surface structure of the questions might tend to have answers like:

  • I am Odeis
  • I am here for a means of surviving
  • Going to the perfect destination that can prevent me from suffering

Thus, the suitable answers for those questions beyond the above listed answers.

So, considering the following, connotatively,in answering those questions based on deep structure (literally):

  • I'm a student
  • I'm here to add to my little knowledge, gain experience (on and off academics) and to share ideas, views and opinions with people
  • To be a role model for the next generation after my skills have been capitalised

So, on a course of achieving great plans, one must provide suitable stew and sauce for a food in order for the meal (plans) to have free passage through the throat and oesophagus without obstruction or blockage. That is, if one could provide necessary answers for the three questions on a particular discipline, then, what is right to do? and what is next to do? would be fully addressed, juxtaposed and justified rightly.

For instance, a fortunate governor who knows the need of the masses mustn't aim for his own want, because people's needs is what is the next thing to do and obviously the right things to do (his plans) are wide opened as well. Building schools when the masses are in need of good roads is like doing the right thing instead of the next thing.
Though, they are both important.

Conclusively, in the study of economics, scale of preference showcases man's need and want hierarchically. Here, what is the next thing to do is equivalent to need while what is the right thing to do equivalent to want

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  • @odeis says, "based on the purpose of life, the next thing must be done before the right, though, the right and next things are priorities and important"

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