The king's ear is not blocked but the cabinet behaviours make him appears as DEAF

Once upon a time, there was a king ruling a great Kingdom full of minerals, fertile and useful land with so much genuine love for his town and his people.
He was people's choice.
In order to foster the development of his town, he gave some people post.
Whose major responsibilities is to be looking at what people need, also to serve as intermediaries between the king and the people.
The king do asked his cabinet;
What are the need, wants and request of his people?
They are good.
The cabinets would reply that the people are in good condition and they are not in need of anything, as a result, these become their regular answers whenever the king questioned
One day, the people protested at the king's palace, about the fitful nonchalant attitudes of their king.
The tension and degree of people's voices keep increasing as they marched towards the king's main courtyard, with the aim of meeting the king eye to eye.
Master Heady
A retired high school teacher led the protest and was fully adamant on the movement with the hope of utilising his intellectualism to succeed.
As the people's spokesman, his motive was to meet with the king and discuss without chaos.
King Gilmour in his villa, having a great time with his family heard the noise coming towards the palace direction, he was shocked and baffled with the noise.
He quickly summoned his servant to hear from him.
My king, there are people outside protesting and all chanting "the deaf king, do the right thing" said the servant.
King Gilmour was surprised as he heard the news, thinking, why people are doing that.
"After what I have done" he said.
The king felt worried and decided to meet the people, along with his cabinets, to know the reason(s) behind their protest.
People's voices keep sounding higher as the king and his cabinets approaches steadily.
"Please silence my dear people" the king begged.
Master Heady faced the king and said "stop calling us your dear ones as you have abandoned us in the town without caring about people's welfare.
We have been sending your cabinets to discuss what we need, yet"
The king exclaimed surprisingly and could not allow the spokesman to finish his statement before facing his cabinets, "were you truly aware of all these?"
The king felt so disappointed in his cabinets as one could say NO to his questions, they all put their heads down.
"I am deeply sorry my dear people but I must confess, my cabinets are villain and clown" Gilmour said
The King's ear is not blocked but his cabinet's behaviours make him appears as DEAF" the king added pitifully .
The king explained how he assigned his cabinets to the office of humanitarian which major task is to be reporting what people's need but they've failed in their assignment.
The king discarded the cabinet and promised to provide necessary solution.
And the people left happily.

Creative written contest seen @tristancarax blog and decided to give it a try.

Actually, I got the inspiration from what happened in a country where the president decided to increase the worker's minimum wage but was rejected by the Senates. I was baffled while seeing the people's representatives acting against the people.

But this is contest with guided rules, I just tried to think and structure things in order to suit the requirement. It could have been expressed more beyond this but sentence numbering is tactical. I hope to engage in the next round, if there would be.

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You have garnered support from the @bananafish community. We appreciate you're fine work and hope that you will continue to produce awesome content for us to feast our minds on.

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Thanks for the complement..

09.12.2019 20:55

I have an Afrikan Qigong/Tijiquan seba (teacher) whose people go as far back, maybe further, as the land of Kemet. He tells me kings and queens had to answer to their people, and, if they did not, they were replaced. He tells me the kings and queens would go out among the people so that he could see them face to face and understand what their problems might be and were. I would like to live in that someday.

People who are generous with what they have are never liked and/or respected by greedy people. So very sad.

Thanks for your story!

10.12.2019 03:31

That should be the same punishment for our present government, if they are not up to the task, they should resign.
But the most vital point is that their cabinets are misfortune, imagine a state where a leader wants to do good thing and he's being stopped by his cabinets; same cabinets who are elected by the masses.

Besides technology, I prefer living in the previous life to this present. Anyhow, God is in control.

I value your comment and view sir.

10.12.2019 13:30

You remind me of the Richest person of all time, benevolent African King Musa Keita - He conquered 24 cities and traveled far and wide, giving away so much gold, the market value of gold temporarily declined. After reigning for 25 years, Mansa Musa died in 1337. He was succeeded by his son, Maghan I. To this day, there are mausoleums, libraries, and mosques that stand as a testament to this golden age of Mali’s history.
Then there was the first Buddhist emperor and his reign of peace...
The world’s first Buddhist ruler, Ashoka the Great (Asoka, Ashoka), ruled a truly massive kingdom...his first conquest left a hundred thousand men dead at his army’s hands, and Ashoka, in horror, turned to Buddhism. “True conquest,” he said, is to win the hearts of men by the law of duty and piety.
Reverence for life, tolerance, compassion and peaceful co-existence were the cornerstones of his administration. Under him the earliest known bans on slavery and capital punishment as well as environmental regulations came into place.

We have had great, rich, powerful, benevolent leaders in the past. Why didn't their legacy last?

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Wow....i would glance through the story soon.

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