SON must have fouled but not fooled

Son Heung Min had a terrible hour last night during the English Football League match day 11 game, played at Goodison Park between Tottenham and Everton, where the South Korean had a bad tackle on Andre Gomes (an Everton player) which led to a broken ankle for Gomes and was forced out from the football pitch using stretcher. The foul made by Son (spurs player) on Gomes resulted to red card, as he was sent out of the pitch. As a result, the match ended with 11 men (Everton) against 10 men (Spurs).

My Point: SON must have been fouled but not fooled
-There was a stop of action on the pitch as the medical attended to injured Gomes but the facial expressions and reactions of players (of both teams) show that the injury was terrible for Gomes. SON to be precise, had a baby-crying face on him, as he cried while putting his hands on his head; this shows regret of an action, sympathy and pity for the injured Everton Midfielder. He (Son) couldn't helped himself but to face down and left the pitch with tears.

-SON is known as a fair player on the pitch with his good football skills and abilities and he's a type that has a great mutual relationship with players off the pitch.
It was obvious that Son had a tackle on Gomes which resulted to serious injury but series of actions afterward should be looked into, such as: the reaction of players (from both teams) consoling Son. Of course, they all knew that he felt bad for his action.
Also, till now, I've not seen any bad comment or abuse from the fans on what Son did or about him and his personality. Imagine, player like; Fernadinho or Casemiro caused the huge chaos, the story would have had different dimensions and forms because the Brazilians were known with aggressiveness and hard tackle (my opinion though).
According to the article I read on " and ALL FOOTBALL APP" today, it was revealed that Coleman who is the captain of Everton team visited Tottenham dressing room after the match to meet and console Son on behalf of the Everton team.


I wish Gomes strong and sound health, quick recovery and the best in the future.
I also wish Son quick mental recovery.

FOOTBALL is indeed more than a game, fun or entertainment but a play to unite, learn and feel for one another.

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