Misery life

Misery life
On the search for happiness
I lost myself in the face of perils of life
Basking in pain and misery
I feel like falling out of human race

Too tired is my heart
Too weakened is my soul
If you ask me how much
I might not be able to explicit
If you ask me how deep
I might not be able to display
https://pixabay.com/photos/guy-man-people-dark-shadow-hands-2617866/Came to depends on being silent

For the world never worries to listen
I cried but words never found their way out of the confinement of my mouth
I screamed yet no voice is perceived

Nagging doubts plague me
I can hear in my mind's ear "Little angel what's amiss?"
"Doleful epitaphs" i said
Hunger without surfeit is bad
But an ear that listens not is worse
"Be silent!" the world said
And I became silent forever

I felt bad tonight as I was accused of plagiarism, I got a link which shown similarities in my work but I swore that I've never been to that blog/link, to talk of copy. I can't argue any longer as my reputation has been downed to 0. Now I will make use of this account henceforth.

There is nothing new under the sky when it's come to writing, there will be little similarity in our work. In project, it's a must to have a review. And that review can't be tagged as plagiarism.
The little creativity in me will result to great productivity.

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