Know your category: the division of human neurological

Below are the four categories of human in terms of knowledge:

  • Wise/Sage: A man who has knowledge, acknowledging his knowledge, revising and practicing his knowledge.
    A man with genuine and authentic knowledge who can boldly and confidently showcase, orient, and juxtapose between right and left (right and wrong) at any place (indoor and outdoor) can be regarded as a wise man. Doctors and Professors are found under this category whose by professionally or academically tagged as brainy, scholar etc.


  • Hustler/Struggler: A man who acknowledge that he has no/few knowledge but working to progress and learn/acquire knowledge.
    Majority of students would be found under this category because they are ignorant basically; but aiming to attain great height, by so doing they seek for knowledge and learn to build the future and realise their dreams.


  • Unpracticed Gifted: A man who has knowledge but doesn't know about his ability or capacity on a particular knowledge because he's not ready to work in discovering his talents.
    Some are naturally gifted, yet, they are lazy and fool enough not to realise their potential. The abilities of people under this category would be hidden forever unless they wake up. If not, they would appear as FOOL.


  • Dullard/Fool: A man who has no knowledge, yet, doesn't know that he has no knowledge because he's fool.
    Men of this category are just living without having any thought. Things would be unclear to them. Literally, they are living nonentity.


It is obvious in life that some people are naturally gifted while some are achievers through hardworking. At times it is very difficult to compare and contrast gift and hardworking because the wave rates by which they showcase are totally different.
Most gifted guys get jobs done easier without knowing how it happened, that hardworking guys who need to rack and crack (if possible) their brain before they get to the bottom of a particular job.

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