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ntopaz-image-0Light Painting photo taken in an abandoned burned house in the center of Portugal

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As near damn perfect balanced shot, I think I know how you’ve done the main blue parts, well I’ve made a good guess lol, massive fav for me here mate 👍

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06.01.2020 15:37

Great display of skill and knowledge paired with creativity. Compliments

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06.01.2020 16:29

Really unique artwork, the man figure looks so surreal and strange! i was checking your insta also and saw that you have other amazing versions too, it must be a series, so cool:)

06.01.2020 18:18

Fantastic combination of laserplay and your lightman. Perfect by the rule of third. Especially with the open door. 👏

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06.01.2020 19:28

I really like the mood of that one. The laser job is really cool :)

06.01.2020 22:06

Huuuuge fave here fella.

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06.01.2020 23:10

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07.01.2020 21:42

This work is amazing! I congratulate you @oddballgraphics

08.01.2020 00:14

hi dear @oddballgraphics, your work is amazing !! a perfect harmony of colors and light !!keep on and congratulations on your curie vote

10.01.2020 18:26

Wow! Thank you all so much. What a warm welcome in ntopaz. 😍🤗❤️

10.01.2020 21:22