Plant stem or stick of happiness / By @odanmedina


Hello my dear friends of this beautiful Stock Photos community and Steemit. Today I make my first presentation in such a beautiful community, I feel very happy to be part of it since I really like nature, especially if it is about photographs of it, in this first presentation I show you two photographs of the plant. stick of happiness as we know it in Venezuela, although I was investigating and according to its original name, a plant in Brazil. But for me it is the roll or stick of happiness, this plant according to the beliefs of many people brings luck to those who start or change places. (they move) I personally, with all due respect, I do not believe in luck, I believe in the blessings that our creator father gives us. The stick of happiness plant is ornamental that we can have it inside or outside of our houses to beautify it.


Without further ado, I subscribe to you with this humble presentation. I hope you like it and if you have the opportunity to plant one, do not hesitate.

Until next time my dear friends I wish you much happiness and blessings.

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Thanks for sharing on #stockphotos community.

14.10.2021 19:59

Thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this beautiful community, I am not very good with photos but I love them even more when it comes to nature.

14.10.2021 20:03

And the benefits that plants contain. Once again thank you, I hope to be more active in the community

14.10.2021 20:06

@ourdailymanna excuse my ignorance and daring, how many posts can I do daily?

14.10.2021 20:09