What the fuck is happening with a Market?

Holy fuck, what is happening with a Market?

Bitcoin has reached over 65% dominance and alts are once again starting to melt down.
Steem is currently being valued at 0.28 haha - and we thought the bear market is over, LOL.

Bitcoin is the only motherfucker who got out of bearish sentiment and i can't tell why, but i knew this time shitcoins won't enjoy the same ATH as they did during last bull run, guess people are still to skeptical when it comes to anything besides Bitcoin.

I'm not trying to make a FUD, I'm simply sad for not having money to invest during this fucked up periods.... aaaaaa it makes me so fucking frustrated.

Just imagine, for about 1000 dollars you can get around fucking 4K steem - for the sake of argument, during the bull market one could buy 100 steem for the same amount hahahahaha.

I'm just wandering what needs to be done in order to get that attention we all seek for, should we just wait for proposals to get shit started or ??

Nevertheless i love seeing so big changes, regardless if we're talking about downtrend or uptrend since last few months were really boring as fuck. Prices were staying still - besides bitcoin of course.

Keep up the hustle bitches

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