Steem to the Moon


It's obvious that Steem has the biggest and most loyal community off all the crypto projects out there, and it certainly shows that money is not the only thing that matters, otherwise steem wouldn't exist anymore haha.

I guess people like building things, regardless of short term loses, pushing themselves further in a sense of accomplishing their predetermined goals, rather than just wait for things to happen or seek for an excuses. We already know from clinical perspective that you need goal and you need a path - something that is valuable. Most of those who committed themselves towards making Steem more attractive are likely to be all in, or at least are highly passionate about it. When you have around 5000 like minded individuals who share the same passion towards common goal, something positive needs to happen - it's inevitable.

All the effort made by the community during disgustingly long and rough bear trend, will end up being a huge turnaround.
I literally can't find a better platform to be part of and to begin with other than steem, and no, I'm not some fanboy neither am I being pathetic.

Genuinely speaking, Steem has the most powerful entry point in terms of getting widely recognized due to its simplicity of use. Everyone is capable of understanding that one has an opportunity to earn if provide decent quality or value towards particular ecosystem.
The point i'm trying to make is that most people know how to write and read, which makes them instantly qualified and eligible in receiving rewards and participating within the ecosystem. The inflation is not only used to reward "miners" or "witnesses" who are ensuring the network, but rather all the participants. I have tried using different crypto based social networks and trust me, they all suck!

We're into something new here, and it is not an easy task to set up the governance in such a manner where no individual will be able to abuse it. I mean, the greatest thinkers that walked Earth couldn't find a better mechanism than Democracy. No further discussion needed.

My Journey

I started as a newbie and didn't quite understand the value behind it and for the most part i didn't even had to!!!
I was lucky enough to get attracted by the terms of "decentralization" and "private money" though.

As the time passed i was slowly turning into a fucking crypto racoon , constantly trying to satisfy my intellectual curiosity - at least in terms of understanding what's behind this crypto thing anyways.

So, Steem actually served me as the fundamental base where I've learned pretty much everything in regards to crypto. That is by far the biggest asset and value I extracted from steem and its community. Yeah, i have managed to earn something along the way but it's not the only thing i value.
Who knows, if it wasn't for steem i could end up working some miserable job with half retarded colleagues, or even worse, i could have end up being happy with it. To fit the profile of usual citizen.

Not giving a single fuck about prices makes me somehow more focused on the outcome and long term perspective. We need to keep the ball running.

Those who maintained the mindset needed to overcome all the obstacles thrown at them will end up benefiting the most. Trust me on this one, as soon as steem hits 1 dollar you will start seeing a lot of people coming back after they left the platform during downtrend (not judging anyone).

High risk, high reward


I don't have a single doubt when it comes to steem, regardless off all the shit we've been through. Guess we are in the middle of a hard times and we already survived a lot of them. It is just matter of time when things will start changing, it may be slow but highly efficient. Keep the hustle alive and wait for better days....

Hopefully, when SPS gets implemented we'll work on getting steem highlighted on cointelegraph and similar news where we can actually attract businesses and people. The on boarding part will probably be a problem so I'm wondering how we'll fix it.

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19.07.2019 06:21

Thank you for sharing this details post on you personal experiences on the blockchain.
The onboard issue can be resolved by third part entry systems that offers accounts to new users of Splinterlands and others communities on steem.
It is even more important to get accurate information on the discord or telegram group of these diverse steem communities.

19.07.2019 07:43

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