Should We aim On Making Partnerships with different Crypto Communities?

Despite the fact crypto industry actually started to provide decent tools and problem solving solutions, it seems we simply can't gain mote exposure. There are multiple reasons staying behind current failures, and no, I'm not blaming on bear market, rather sentiment and ignorance crypto is still occupied with.

Crypto projects, regardless if being build on top of the same blockchain, need to start colaborating and working together, otherwise we could easily postpone bull run.
Competition is a good thing, however at the end, we are all building in the same direction, meaning that our goals are nearly the same.

Its basically a dumb idea to stay inclusive and negative towards some projects, being afraid "they might take a piece of your modern world". Makes no sense, right?


For instance, imagine working together with communities such as ETH or even Tron. We would all end up benefiting, potentially even skyrocketing in terms of prices and market cap. We need to understand the macro picture, otherwise we might end up having nothing. Are you ready to have nothing out of pure greed ans lack of perspective?

Bull run will come, it has to. The question is, when it'll come and how big will it end up being. I somehow think that the bull which is emerging will push the best projects on top while others will stay bottomed until they provide something in return. Ok, speculation over price is a fundamental thing around every industry, therefore we might experince slow movements untill big players start moving their asset from bitcoin towards alternatives.

We must becready for people when they start comming. We are on the right track, but the wealth distribution is still questionable, therefore either changing the unique value proposition or reshaping token economics are a must if we wanna stay competitive.

Nevertheless i like what Im witnessing and will continue on staying true towrds this place

Keep hustling boyz.

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10.01.2020 09:42

Steem is already a mature crypto-project. It would attract some interest if Steemit begins to talk with other mature projects in the crypto-sphere, especially those which could provide synergy to each other. I am thinking about LBRY, by the way.

Steem is, mostly, a publishing platform, so I would not see with good eyes if they approach to any smart-contract project, being it Ethereum Classic, Tron, NEM or even my beloved Cardano. The same about those projects focusing on messaging, like Status. Steem is good about what it does and there is still room to improve on everything already implemented. I mean, partnering with other project(s) to build on top of Steem certain features which would then be available on the front-end to those which are also users of that partner.

10.01.2020 10:55

I wasn't aiming on buisling dapps or making cross platforms, rather to simply start supporting each others. I hope we'll start providing side chain solutions :D

10.01.2020 11:06

I didn't tell that.

"side chains". I would like to see real side-chains on Steem. Following on the topic of the post, all projects are currently building their own solutions instead of beginning to use what others are already providing. It would be easier to develop and release a side-chain on Polkadot which enhances Steem. But everyone is re-inventing the wheel instead, building social or blogging platforms just because they wanted to add certain feature.

10.01.2020 11:20

I'm starting to thin we really are trying to find a problem for every solution

11.01.2020 10:09