Paul Offit secretly caught on camera in which he admits that vaccines are causing autism.

Can you imagine this piece of shit, deliberately lying about side effects of vaccine regardless of countless evidences which supports the claim there is connection between autism and vaccination.

This motherfucker also argued how kids are immune and capable of receiving thousands of doses at once, lol.

Here is the video I'm referring too.

A spokesman for major pharmaceutical companies Paul Offit, known in the public as one who claims that the vaccines are completely safe, has been secretly caught on camera in which he basically admit that vaccines are causing autism.

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08.07.2019 11:31

There exist no save vaccinations! All vaccines are dangerous and cause terminal chronic sicknesses!

15.07.2019 07:36

and yet "they" don't even give us a choice to choose... haha
World has become such a disgusting place that i can't even find words to describe it

15.07.2019 08:42