Etherum mining in Genesis - Review/Experience - Part IV - Last

Hello all crypto enthusiasts :)

A report.

image of genesis ethash

In the following post I will try and provide my experience with #Genesis #Mining - #Etherum mining contract as transparent as possible.

Previously I have also added a short intro. Check it out for a details.

Lets get to facts

image of genesis ethash hash power

Total investment ~7200 #USD
Date 13/06/2017 ~ 20 #ETH
Contract for 2 years

Total return at the end of the contract (18/07/2019) ~23 ##ETH

Hashpower allocation

At first, I have allocated 75% on #Etherum, 25% on #Zcash, but after ~1 week, allocated full on #Etherum.

image of genesis ethash allocation


The returns are sent to my #Freewallet account, thus they will get stashed above my previous balance. - until 8 of August, when switched the returns and some #Eth to #Jaxx, since #Freewallet showed some issues.

Genesis mining aims at giving payouts on a daily basis. These should appear in the #payouts section of the account.
In the following screenshots you can see the #ETH transactions I have received in the #JaxxWallet since 30 Aug 2017.

Total since last post = 11,41522997 #ETH (calculated in previous post)

Returns from last post:


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