BlockArcade's leaderboard is now open... fight for TIX!


We've thought BlockArcade needed a leaderboard since day one and we're excited to announce that it's live! BlockArcade now puts aside 2% of TIX issued for rewarding the top 10 players. These rewards will be distributed to the top 10 players when the leaderboard is reset! Check the leaderboard in-game for the specific breakdown.


Currently the leaderboard displays the total amount of TIX issued to a player since the leaderboard was last reset. We call this the players score. Our plan is to start by reseting the leaderboard weekly to let more users participate. We'll revisit this and consider moving to daily after we see how weekly works out!

The first leaderboard will payout on August 18th!

We've added a bonus 20,000 TIX to the pool to celebrate the launch! Just play the game and be in one of the top 10 spots when the leaderboard resets at the end of August 18th to win.

Play now at:

Have questions or feedback? Join us in Telegram:

We also added a /leaderboard command to our Telegram bot that lets you easily check the leaderboard.

photo_2019-08-13 19.36.33.jpeg

Join our room and give it a try!

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