BlockArcade Q4 Updates: Quantum Raffle, Chainlink and more cross-chain news

This has been a busy Q4 for BlockArcade, and an even busier year. Let's start by reviewing some updates from the quarter!

Quantum Raffle open beta launched


BlockArcade's second game, Quantum Raffle has been launched! This is a fun and intricate twist on the classic 50/50 raffle. Quantum Raffle utilizes our recently released Chainlink adapter to pull random numbers from the Australian National University's quantum random number generator.

You can play Quantum Raffle here:

IOST Chainlink adapter listed in the Chainlink Market


In addition to using our IOST Chainlink adapter for Quantum Raffle, we submitted it to be included in the official Chainlink market. This will make users aware that Chainlink can talk to IOST and potentially lead to Chainlink nodes supporting IOST.

Learn more about the adapter here:

Tewkenaire cross-chain partnership


Tewkenaire was one of the top Tron dapps to launch this quarter and BlockArcade players can trade TIX for ITewkens then swap them to the Tron blockchain.

Learn more about the partnership here:

Theme NFTs for StackWave


We released two NFTs themes for StackWave! The Halloween theme was airdropped to players that played during the week of Halloween and the Dark Mode theme is currently available in the Prize Exchange.

Over 100 NFT themes have been given out and we'll be announcing a new theme for the upcoming holidays soon.

BlockArcade is going cross-chain

For the first time we'll be making StackWave available on a second blockchain. We're doing this for a few reasons:

  • Expand to a new engaged user base.
  • Experiment with new and different technology.
  • Bring a new user base to IOST.

We've thought long and hard about this expansion, and we believe it's aligned with our goals for BlockArcade.

We originally wanted to port StackWave to EOS due to past experience with C++, the language used for smart contracts. Since then EOS has suffered from resource issues making using and running dapps more costly, so instead we're going to port to a sister chain.

StackWave is coming to WAX!


WAX was built with games in mind and has many features that makes it attractive for dapps. Two of our favorites:

We'll announce more about this in 2020. For now we've built a little teaser:

Play now at!

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