Token delisting and closing withdrawals. If You still have Agoras Tokens (AGRS) on OpenLedger, read this!

On August 06, 2019 OpenLedger DEX announced that terminate support for some gateways on their blog. News was also published/linked on their Twitter, reddit, Telegram channel and mentioned earlier at the end of this post on r/tauchain sub (July 29).

In OpenLedger jargon "gateways disabling" means simply "delisting". They announced that from August 6, 2019, you won’t be able to deposit the coins and after August 19, 2019 support of the tokens will be unavailable (means withdrawal of tokens). 13 days. I know, too short.

Many people missed this information (probably because of summer and holiday time). Still around nineteen accounts have token amounts of more than 1 to almost 7 thousand AGRS and thirty have from 100 to 960 AGRS. If you are one of this people you have a second chance to get your tokens back (thanks to Isar and Fola from Tau-Chain Team who speak with Ronny Boesing who is a founder and CEO of OpenLedger) but this time deadline is August 31 (probably CEST time because OpenLedger ApS are located in Copenhagen, Denmark).

Please note that we will stop all manual withdrawals of AGRS after the 31st of August this year

This offer was negotiated around August 22, but if you haven't heard of it yet (you don't follow, for example official chat). you have last chance and a day and a half to get back your tokens!

Default response from OpenLedger support when you write to them about AGRS withdrawal.

Many people still have AGRS deposited on OpenLedger wallet. Click here or here for details.

Important part!

Actually withdrawals are still closed. You can't do this yourself. You can only send OPEN.AGRS from your account to openledger-dex account and OpenLedger staff will manually withdraw AGRS from this wallet to the address you provide them minus additional 10% fee (sic!).

How to do it:

  1. Open OpenLedger DEX website. If you have problem with loading, change browser (fresh and new installation without addons can help, for example I use Opera browser) or choose manually node from dropdown list. Log in ("Unlock account"). Choose "Funds" tab.
  2. Click icon with two arrows in "Send" column. In the new window, paste "openledger-dex" into the first field ("To"). Choose all AGRS that you have and in "Memo / Message" field paste your AGRS wallet address where OL has to send tokens. For example BTC address created on or imported to OmniWallet site (you can look at my address as example). Check the data and confirm transaction.
  3. Click "History" tab and copy "Operation id". Optionally you can click green "Transfer" on the left side and copy block number ("BLOCK #") too. Open support site. Create account and send new "ticket" with this data (this part is very important).
Thats all!
In fact OpenLedger exchange (which use BitShares infrastructure) are not fully decentralised but only "semi-decentralised" and use blockchain technology as "open ledger" to record transactions and account balances. On OpenLedger/BitShares we have only "OPEN.AGRS" placeholder tokens as representation of AGRS which we send to OpenLedger. Similar to closed exchanges where we make deposits and withdrawals but in the meantime transactions are stored in database which are belong to exchange. We are not have native coins/tokens on our wallet but on wallet that belong to 3rd party.

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Thanks for the reminder and instructions @oct0-for-fun.

To anyone reading this: please do not leave your cryptocurrencies on any exchanges for too long. Get them into your private wallet asap.

30.08.2019 16:30