Your choice is your life

Your choice is your life.
It’s said that when we are beautiful, its God gift to us, when we live our life beautiful, it’s our gift to God*

One time I was travelling from Uganda to England. I boarded the flight and steward came to me and said, “welcome on-board sir, we guarantee take off,” I asked how about the “landing madam” she said “you are a Christian, aren’t you? Pray to the Lord almighty for a safe landing”.
We are all aware that when we take flight, takeoff is completely beyond us. We can do nothing about the take-off, its completely beyond the hands of the pilot. And when it comes to the landing, even the landing is completely beyond our control. It’s in the hands of pilot. Many times when there is a very smooth landing where we even don’t come to know that the plane has landed.
people give an ovation, a loud round of applause, I have not been and exception either of course, the only thing is that we don’t give standing ovation, because the seat belt sign still on, yes ladies and gentlemen.
The landing is also beyond our control and what about the turbulence, the turbulence during the the flight is also completely beyond us. The wind speed beyond us, when the plane passes through the clouds and the entire plane becomes wobbly. It’s not in our control during the flight is our choice.
Some people choose just to go to sleep yet others get completely drunk on alcohol, some watch movies, some keeping munching something yet others make new friends, talk to others and network. What you do during that journey is in our control.
In the journey of life as well the take-off which is our birth, is completely beyond our control, we didn’t choose our parent, we didn’t choose which nation we born in, we didn’t choose which city we are born in, we didn’t choose the socio-economic class we are born in, we didn’t choose our religion we are born in. our take off the journey of our life is completely beyond us.*

I have heard many times people telling me that they would just love to die getting a massive heart attack and dropping dead, no trouble for them, no hospital, no tubes, no needles, no troubles caused to others, in one shot go.
Some of them are within our control which we can solve but many problem and turbulence caused is by the situation which are beyond us. It caused by people who are beyond. Despite all turbulence and problem that are going on around us. It’s said that when we are beautiful, its God gift to us, when we live our life beautiful, it’s our gift to God therefore, being male is matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age, being a gentleman is a matter of choice and the corollary being a female is a matter of birth, being a woman is matter of age and being a gentlewoman is a matter of choice.IMG_20171018_163417.jpg
Let us all take spiritual wisdom learn to make the right choice which are within our control as gift to God

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