reasons why people come into our lives

sometimes we receive love from the most unexpected and unlikely places, i remember as a christian. i learned about the circle of love. often we give love to certain people and that love comes back to us even if not through the same people.
sometimes in our lives we receive love through people but there aren't necessary the people that we give love back to.
people come into our lives for three reasons
"a season,a reason, a lifetime" when we understand which is we are able to reciprocate accordingly.

Some people come into our lives for a season. its exciting , its enthralling , its incredible but that season has to move on. that has a next phase, that season has an end point.
some people don't care for you when you're alone they just care when they alone.

some people come into your life for reason to help you learn,to help you grow, to support you through your difficult times.
never forget the person who was there for you when no one else was. when they had every reason not to be there, when they could have any excuse to not be right there next to you.
they may be there to help you , physically ,emotionally, spiritually.

they were some time hidden in the crack.
they were sometimes not even recognized but they stood there by your side. these were the people who were busy loving you even though you were giving nothing to them.

ask you self
who is your life has played this role.
who in your life has been there for a life time.
how can you show the that they matter to you
how can you reach out to them to make sure you know that they come

*pliz ladies and gentlement support me

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