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TheFutbolCoin : Decentralized Token for Football Lovers


Football is a very powerful sport in the world today. Social media, newspapers, video clips etc gives us awareness on the activities going on i.e the match between two teams. Facebook, Instagram also promote football, but at the end of the day, the profit earned goes to them alone. Content providers are also not properly recognized and appreciated by these social medias, and with time, they become nonchalant towards creating good contents for the internet.
What is TheFutbolCoin(TFC)?
TheFutbolCoin is the digital system of the TFA that helps to equally share the profits among the platform's community, and this would also come with mouth-watering offers to the users of the platform. It is a secure and suitable way to monetize supporters love and interest in football.
Monetization of the TFC
TFC has a unique way of monetizing the ecosystem on TFA supporters around the world. This is important for restaurants or bars owning TVs in the environment that the TFA user base finds themselves, and display big shows or matches on their TV screen. Advertisers on TFA reach the TFA user base using Instagram style ads especially people who can't afford to watch matches in-stadium. The only payment that will be received from the advertisers for advertising on TFA and reaching their audience is TFC. The TFC is gotten by the advertisers only from a TFA user after the users have been offered goods and services in exchange for their tokens. TFA users mine TFC every day, and the advertisers mine TFC from the users after they decide to accept a particular number of tokens in exchange for their goods and services.


TheFutbolCoin Solution
By integrating TheFutbolCoin with the practicality of TheFutbolApp so profits are equally shared among the stakeholders of the platform.

  1. Players who build followers on TheFutbolApp has a right to the share of advertising that relates to their followers. There is also a mechanism provided by players by the ecosystem where they can endorse a product and be rewarded with TFC.
  2. Merchants can choose to accept TFC as a mode of payment on their businesses by listing their businesses in the TFC wallet. They can agree to receive a particular number of tokens everyday month which will be automatically enforced by the TFC wallet. The TFC obtained by the merchants can now be used to exchange for advertising services within TheFutbolApp to draw in potential customers.
  3. Clubs partnering with TFA can exchange their tickets and merchandise for TFC which is delivered to the users on the app in one click. If possible, TFA can buy an inventory of tickets and merchandise for the future use of the users to maintain the availability of the tickets to the users.
  4. Fans of the ecosystem can earn TFC through many means. 300,000,000TFC has already been set aside for them. There are variety of ways users can earn such as merely using TFA, winning free predictions, referring friends to TFA, participating in surveys presented by advertisers etc. These profits comes in points which are later converted to TFC.

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