Space-IZ is a platform that uses blockchain innovation to promote real estate and connect property owners to individuals that want to rent (co-work/co-live) space. They also issue out a token to their users who are interested and these tokens attract rewards and incentives
Besides the rewards that come with using Space-IZ token, they also want to create an awareness to their customers, whether, property owners, investors, or tenants, they are stakeholders in Space-IZ. And they also encourage their customers to be loyal because their participation and engagement increase the growth of their business.


Token holders have access to discounted rates when they want to rent a co-live/co-work space around the world.
Token holders can lend their token to users who do not have a token for a fee even if they do not rent a space.
Token users that contribute to the growth of Space-IZ are stakeholders.
The token is expected to be liquid and available for purchase on exchanges, thus ensuring transparent pricing.

All available tokens for lending will be sent to a Smart Contract that keeps records of the tokens. Therefore, the incomes generated from lending the token will be calculated by the smart contract and shared amongst the lenders according to the length of time it was borrowed and the amount accrued from the borrowers. The fee for borrowing starts at 45% of the total savings and will continue to increase depending on the availability of the tokens. This will also make the lenders to avail their token to rent.


In other to enjoy the discounts on Space-IZ, users must possess a SPIZ token or at least borrow SPIZ tokens. Whenever a token holder wishes not to use their rented space on the SPIZ platform, they can sell their tokens or lend out their token using the DApp. Also, if the token holder does not have the required number of tokens to qualify for a discount, they can borrow the extra tokens they need to qualify, via the app.
Users who could not purchase tokens can be part of the Space-IZ network and as well save money. Meanwhile, token holders that are not using their tokens can earn more income by lending out their tokens. For example, If a property owner is giving a 20% discount, token holders will receive the full 20% discount. If the renters only have 75% of the token, they will need to borrow the remaining token, thereby making the discount reduce from 20% to 17% because of the borrowing fee. But if all the tokens need to be borrowed, then the discount reduces from 17% to about 12%.

With the growth and development of Space-IZ, local businesses will be encouraged to become a part of the Space-IZ community and sell their goods and services on the interface or even offer discounts and promotions to token holders. This will improve the interaction between local shops/businesses and the Space-IZ community.

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