Melecoin is a fintech cooperation which deals mainly in exchange for goods and services while providing customers with security and also the first to launch the gold-crypto-debit card concept. The gold crypto debit card is made from a combination of a precious mineral, a blockchain token and debit card all on one digital platform. The pre-paid debit card that will be issued by melecoin will be limitless unless if faced with conditions. Melecoin's card will be supported by the melecoin's token and sustained by the digital ownership of the coin. Melecoin's debit card will be made from gold in Japan. The melecoin's kind of debit card is the first of its kind as it is a cooperative kind of debit card. This type of debit card involves not only one person. Anytime a user uses the debit card to purchase a product, the other users earns 5% of the transaction. Whenever a member spends, it is converted to gold in the other members account. Therefore, as a user keeps spending from his/her debit card, the more the other users earn gold in return. Melecoin gives one troy ounce of gold to any user that uses his/her debit card the most in a week. Users can use the melecoin's token and debit card to make payments. Melecoin can be stored in two ways, a wallet which is connected to the internet or a cold ledger, disconnected from the internet. Since melecoin tokens are supported by a physical asset, it is not prone to changes with inflation and the rules and regulations governing fiat money.



  1. E-commerce platform: This platform will make use of smart transactions technology to connect commercial contracts, bonds etc to blockchain system which would help to attend to all the challenges that e-commerce and traditional trade are normally faced with.
  2. Bank platform: Here, users can trade their fiat and enter channels of numerous clouds, make deposits and transfers all under the name of blockchain technology.
  3. Real estate platform: Paperwork processes are replaced with a digital license. It will allow customers to send verified documents(signed by buyer) to the banks accepted by blockchain system.
  4. Games platform: Customers no longer waste their time and money from playing games on melecoin. Backed up by blockchain platform, this platform aims at disbursing profits also to the players of the games in order to create equality between both parties.
  5. Mining platform: This is one of the most lucrative projects. They allow the mining of cryptocurrencies including the most productive ones.
  6. Loyalty program platform: This platform is concerned mainly about traders and users and also lessen real time fees for customers in order to receive higher profits. It also aims to gain trust between the two.



  1. MELE will in time launch the MELE exchange.
  2. Users will be able to withdraw their money from the nearest ATM.
  3. MELE will launch their own blockchain and wouldn't be run on the ethereum blockchain, but will move to theirs.
  4. Buy gold mines located in Africa.

The melecoin token is not like any normal crypto out there. It is known to be distinct mainly because it comes in a physical form(gold) unlike other cryptocurrencies. Most users out there don't like the idea of a 'virtual' currency, so melecoin's token will take away the doubt they have for cryptocurrencies by offering them a physical coin. Also, once a user buys the melecoin's token, it doesn't belong to anybody, but him/her. Those users holding the melecoin token instead of the physical gold have their own advantages for doing so, because they don't have to face negotiations or the risk of carrying gold around. Also, scams can occur in some transactions because it can't be traced, so the buyer can find a way to dupe the holder of the physical coin.

  1. People tend to be attracted to gold. Out of many precious minerals, whenever the name 'gold' pops up, they seem to concentrate and find more interest in it than others.
  2. Gold is a stable precious mineral. It is not as volatile as cryptocurrencies.


Melecoin looks forward to achieving many goals listed on their roadmap. They have already ticked some off the list for the year, 2020. The melecoin's token is an added advantage for doubters of cryptocurrencies. It is unbelievable to think people out there still see the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a hoax. The token of the platform is also available in a physical form to finally prove doubters of cryptocurrencies wrong. This way, they can purchase the melecoin's token because they can see it with their eyes as they have always wanted. The melecoin's debit card will also be available where the melecoin tokens can be stored.


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