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Introduction: This ground-breaking DeFi project was created by a group of experienced team members to provide a platform where the users can safely carry out digital transactions using e-commerce and digital content creation. Here, youths make good use of this opportunity to provide a source of income for themselves. Not only users are part of this big community, but also investors, partners, and advertisers. This will make it one of the easiest and safest DeFi project out there. The social commerce platform has a soft spot for the youths by allowing them and start-ups leave the best impression of their products on the rest of the world. This is the main reason why MegaBSC was created; to give individuals access to high-quality blog content for a cheap price.
The MegaBSC platform could also come in specifically for people who want their Bitcoin wallet to appear on their browser. The latest version of the MegaBSC wallet can do this. This bitcoin wallet has the ability to send bitcoin for one person to another through their emails. You can make use of MegaBSC when sending money to friends and family and people who you owe money.
Blogging is not an easy task, so the MegaBSC team is here to give a hand to bloggers. MegaBSC's ecosystem will first begin with promoting the user's blog, then expand their services to other products of the blog. Product review and ratings would also be readily available, and the platform will advise you on the products to buy, and not to buy.
The mission and vision of the platform is to provide quality information to readers of the blog, and give out this information from their sources to the writers. This blog will feature a lot of things such as the features of the platform, technology, its history, etc. MegaBSC will be one of the numerous email marketing services out there. Some projects would like to send out newsletters, while some projects hope to do so much more, and the MegaBSC platform will help them with that. The blog will also feature some tools offered by MegaBSC.
Tools of MegaBSC

  1. MegaBSC exchange:This is where users can exchange their crypto for fiat and crypto for other cryptos. A 0.2% trading charge is always taken from every token traded on the platform's ecosystem, then it is distributed into two sectors; the liquidity pool and the treasury fund.
  2. MegaBSC farming: This is where users deposit their tokens to farm, and earn rewards in return. There are many features of the MegaBSC farming such as low trading fees which are utilized by the farmers.
  3. MegaBSC staking: This is when Meg tokens are deposited in an LP, and left for some time to prove its staking transactions on the blockchain network. The rewards can be withdrawn by anytime.
  4. MegaBSC referral: Just like any other referral system, the user invites more people to his/her cycle, and earn a percentage of reward for doing so.
  5. Leveraged yield farming: This is the process of giving rewards to farmers when they provide liquidity to a pool on the AMM protocol.
  6. MegaBSC launchpad: This is where users can launch their projects in a hybrid pool on the BSC.


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