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DeFi apes are loyal users on ApeSwap. ApeSwap is a distributed form of system which consists of an AMM, farming and staking system. One of the many advantages that can be found on ApeSwap is the opportunities they have placed for apes to win rewards in the form of BANANA tokens. The main function of their token, BANANA is to provide liquidity to ApeSwap and rewards to apes.
Not only does the platform have all these to offer, but also a dedicated team of apes who have been in the crypto space for a long time. They are the ones responsible for the present growth of the platform with the help of other apes, of course. There are so many projects that can be found on the BSC, although it is not all these projects that comes out successful. Some eventually fail on their way towards growth. This is why ApeSwap created an exchange on the BSC network where there is low cost and fast transactions.


Features of the liquidity pool at ApeSwap

  1. Apes can provide liquidity by adding their tokens to the liquidity pool.
  2. Whenever a token is added to the pool, the ape receives an ApeSwap liquidity pool token in return.
  3. Apes can get their funds back when they remove their liquidity from the pool.
  4. Apes who provide liquidity to pools on ApeSwap are rewarded through trading fees paid on the platform. Inversely, when users stake their LP tokens on the ApeSwap farms, they earn BANANA in return.
    On ApeSwap, apes who are interested in agriculture will receive rewards to provide liquidity to their platforms, and in return, they earn BANANA tokens. As liquidity increases on ApeSwap, so does the users' ability to trade. The ApeSwap platform currently has a partnership with KeyFi which is launched on the BSC network. The partnership was due to Keyfi's ability to trade and track DeFi assets on the BSC and Ethereum network. Not only has ApeSwap partnered with Keyfi, but also with Ontology which will be used as a means of connection with ApeSwap. The ApeSwap Finance is officially the decentralized exchange for a DeFi project,
    Apes on the platform can also get in touch with the team members on ApeSwap, and get the support they are looking to find.
    BUIDL Program: Potential apes who are looking for a partnership with ApeSwap can come here, and be part of this amazing platform.
    Business partnerships: Individuals can add IAOs or add pools to the platform in ways that would end in profits for the users of the community.
    Customer support: Users can get help from the apes on the platform.
    Conclusion: Apes can create new pools on the platform, and partnerships can be formed between the apes and the platform. All this will result in profits at the end of the day for both the platform and investor. ApeSwap tries their best to become one of the best Decentralized exchange out there, and they are already doing a great job at it.


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