Citizen Finance: For the love of gamers


Introduction :
Usually, in the crypto world, crypto analysts, investors, shareholders, traders etc are noticed. But, no project has thought to diversify a little by remembering other individuals that don't seem to have a place in the crypto world. Citizen Finance, a dedicated blockchain project has decided to offer gamers their own share of profits available in the crypto world. Video game lovers can now own in-game assets, and do so many things with it even outside of the platform. #ownership This would be more enjoyable for gamers who happen to be crypto traders, who can then participate in the other projects in the platform's ecosystem.

About Citizen Finance: This platform was built solely for innovation. Citizen Finance provides their users with in-game assets that have so many use cases. This is made possible through the involvement of blockchain technology in their platform. The mission of the platform is to allow for the adoption of NFTs in the gaming industry, art and fashion industry. NFTs are known in these industries, but the world should properly hear of it through Citizen Finance ecosystem, because they have a lot to offer their holders.


Uses of Citizen Finance in-game assets

  1. Play games: Players of Meta City can use the in-game assets to play games on the gaming platform just like other traditional gaming platforms use their in-game assets solely for.
  2. Exchange for other crypto: Here is the opportunity for crypto lovers to exchange their in-game assets for crypto using Citizen Finance secondary exchange market.
  3. Stake available in-game assets: Players can stake their in-game assets in a decentralized pool, and in return, they receive the platform's native token, CIPHI as profit.
  4. Collateral: In-game assets can stand in for a collateral while borrowing from a lending system.
    The platform doesn't only have a gaming application, but other applications are present in Citizen Finance


  1. Meta City: This is the gaming protocol of Citizen Finance where NFTs are used as the in-game assets on the protocol. #netacity It is a blockchain-led FPS that offers full control over in-game assets. #nft4fps
  2. Santa Fe: This is the lending and staking platform of Citizen Finance which is built on the Binance Smart Chain.
  3. CifiPowa: This particular platform is mainly for artists, who can invent and trade digital art pieces as NFTs. #cifipowa
  4. CifiPowa X: Here, the NFTs can be brought to reality.
    Blockchain has not only assisted Citizen Finance in offering users full control over their in-game assets, but also other decentralized platforms. #blockchain #defi However, the utilities available for in-game assets in other decentralized gaming projects are small, and they will not do well to greatly impact the industry. Citizen Finance will welcome new utilities for the use of their in-game assets using blockchain technology. #citizenfinance
    Conclusion: Citizen Finance doesn't only aim for the full adoption of NFTs, but the full utilization of in-game assets. #nft4fps #nft4XR Non-fungible tokens are special tokens that are similar to non-fungible assets. The use of NFTs in Citizen Finance will further push for its adoption, because users found @Citizen Finance, and in the DeFi world should be part of this special asset.


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Hi @ochawawa thanks for sharing this project, I like the initiative, especially if it can also expand outside the gaming world.

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