The Diary Game Season 3: What a stressful Saturday 27-03-2021// By @ochang (100% Powered Up)πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Hello Good evening and welcome to my today diary post.

Today started out well, I woke up by 6am today being Saturday I did my daily 30mins Devotion.
After Devotion, I cleaned the cars from 6:30am as usual, After cleaning the cars at about 7:30am, I went on with my other house choirs and by 8am I headed to my usual farm work today I left with out breakfast because I was hoping to come back early (but I was wrong).
In the farm we gathered the grasses together and burn them when the sun is out, we gathered both grasses and dead cassava sticks, after gathering at about 11am I was hungry and decided to soak garri.


By 12noon while burning one of my colleague shouted snake!! And we thought he was joking not until I saw the reptile myself, well today was my first day of seeing a live snake and I was a little disappointed at how small it was and with a hit or two from my big stick the snake was dead and like they say "the rest was history". We continued working till 1pm. Because this work has really taken us a long time to finish (if you follow my diary since Tuesday we have been burning grasses) so we tried our best to finish the work today but all to no avail. We couldn't kill ourselves, so we left a little for Monday (Hopefully by Gods Grace we will be done on Monday if not you will see it in my diary πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)
We came home at about 2pm took our bath and ate yam and egg then I decided to barb my hair since it was bushy and tomorrow is sunday.


I sluggishly strolled down to the barber shop got a haircut and came back home.


Well those of you wondering what style is this; this is called 3 Steps, because the first layer (down side) is how will I put? Cut off? No, shaved off, the second layer (middle of my head) is low cut and the last part (my front head) little hair is left like punk, so if u dont want to call it 3steps u can call it like me Chinese Punk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
After taking my bath again I went straight to the kitchen and this was around 6pm to take my dinner because I was famished, I later receive a call from my boss to come type some things in the office (where my office is, we get light only from 6pm, no light in the daytime) I left home for office by 7:30pm typed everything and went home by 10pm.


I'm writing this diary at 10:35pm, and I'm retiring to bed.
Thanks for reading through my diary see you all in the morning.

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Nice entry

I have seen snakes in the laboratory, but definitely not a live oneπŸ˜…

28.03.2021 16:00

Me too o
Thanks for the comment

28.03.2021 16:54

Hi @ochang,

Thank you for sharing your diary with us.Trust you are a fine.

It is good that we the youths understand the importance of farming in this current dispensation.Farming is a right step in the right direction.

I love to sip garri too especially with groundnut and soybeans.Snakes are friendly with grass,so i wasn't surprised to hear you mention seeing and killing it.

Continue to post good contents on steemit.


28.03.2021 16:15

Thanks for your comment

28.03.2021 16:55

That reptile is a no no for me. Infact my worst nightmare. I can not even kill a baby snake. Farming is hardwork so you do not have to work beyond your strength to finish a task when you are clearly tired. That is Nigeria for you where light is erratic. I hope it gets better someday soon. Nice post @ochang. Cheers.

28.03.2021 16:28

Thanks for your comment

28.03.2021 16:56