OceanWhale Auto Daily Delegators Payout - #475


I would like to thank all of our 60+ delegators who has delegated their stake (SP) to @oceanwhale. You are supporting us and making us live. Let us support you and make you flourish and grow by our daily payouts. Our payouts are the top in the market. We give 100% of our daily rewards to our delegators.

We are growing faster:

With the help of our Delegators, we are getting more & more attention and now we have more than 53,314 Steem Power with total vote value of 1.27 $ (Steem token units). Our customers are getting visibility through their bids Upvotes and we have also a great offer for our delegators.

Below is the OceanWhale Auto Daily Delegators Payout - #475


No matter how small a delegation is, it is Important to us. You also can delegate to @oceanwhale by clicking on the below links and earn daily payouts:

10 SP,20 SP,30 SP,40 SP,50 SP,75 SP,100 SP

150 SP,200 SP,250 SP,300 SP,400 SP,500 SP,1000 SP,2000 SP,2500 SP,3000 SP,4000 SP,5000 SP,6000 SP,7000 SP,8000 SP,9000 SP,10000 SP,15000 SP,20000 SP,25000 SP,30000 SP,35000 SP,40000 SP,45000 SP,50000 SP,60000 SP,70000 SP,80000 SP,90000 SP,100000 SP,150000 SP

or Fill in any amount of Steem Power.

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