ORIGINAL WORK: ''Mama Gaia'' Painting

This is my entry for the World of XPILAR Contest:

Mama Gaia.jpg

If this Planet was a Woman and if She could talk, what would She say? Wow, how many stories She would be able to tell... What would She say about us, so-called Homo Sapiens? What kind of species are we? How do we treat Her? Do we even care about Her or are we just exploiting Her without even thinking about consequences?

About half a year ago I got a vision of how this Planet Earth we live on would look like if She was a Woman. I saw this Woman in front of my closed eyes and I knew that I need to paint Her.

While I was painting her eyes something extraordinary happened; it started to look like She is alive. It looked like She has soooo many stories to tell me just by looking at me...

A few weeks ago there was one devastating earthquake near the place where I live. Luckily, my house is still standing but so many people lost their homes. One devastating earthquake hit us last year too, before this painting was born. So for a lot of us here, ground shaking is almost an every-day reality...and this is not usual for this part of the Earth...

When that last quake happened I just felt that I need to talk to Mama Gaia, I need to feel her. I put this painting in front of me and looked Her in the eyes...they were soooo sad, like before crying. I was so deeply touched that I could feel her pain and sorrow. I cried her tears... When I stopped crying I looked at her eyes again... I saw anger and disappointment.

I kneeled down, bowed down in front of Her, and begged Her forgiveness in my name and in the name of all people that were and are living on Her. I said we are sorry and asked to forgive us all for everything: for cutting down Her trees and forests, for polluting Her Air and Her sacred Waters, for leaving toxic waste all-around Her surface, for peeling Her skin and wounding Her with our agricultural tilling, for everything that we did wrong.

I looked into her eyes again...I felt she accepts the apology but that it is not enough. She really needs to kill the parasite that feeds on Her (and that is what we are). She doesn't want to do it and She suffered and tolerated it so far because She loves us, we are her children, but She needs to take care of Herself first now... It is enough!

Human, remember, you are not ''the boss'' here. She is. She can shake you off of herself anytime or strike you with thunder or drown you in Her tears of sorrow...

Be kind to Her. Please look at her eyes and say you are sorry. Start acting like a humble servant that we all need to be. We are just tiny little ants walking on her surface; always remember that She is above you, with you, and below you. A powerful Woman Giant with a big heart but so hurt that She needs to defend Herself.

Love your Mother Gaia, she is so precious 💎🍀💚

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Homo sapiens behave like stupid children.
Very correct picture and your thoughts :)

07.01.2021 16:24

Yes, exactly! Thank you for understanding :)

07.01.2021 17:38

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08.01.2021 08:25

Thank you a lot!

08.01.2021 10:19

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08.01.2021 16:41

Hola @oceansoul13 tu historia es muy interesante y cierta a la vez, cuando la vi por primera vez no me imagine esa historia, solo pense en nuestra madre ancestral, creadora, sabia y llena de amor.

Al leer la historia, me conmoví mucho ciertamente le hacemos daño a esa madre que nos alimenta, protege y de cobijo.

09.01.2021 17:10