Hello, dear steemians!

This is my first entry ever in this community. I hope I will do it properly :) If I made some mistakes please comment and advise. Thank you in advance.


This is a photo I took a few days ago. He is my lovely birdy friend: Feathers (Pero we call him in the Croatian language).

The story behind this cute birdy is very long but I will try to sum it all up.

I found him in one pet center (I do not usually go there but this obviously had to happen) in a cage on the ground so basically, all that he saw for his entire life were people's feet. He was sad, depressed, scared. He was much older than the rest of the birds in the cage and soon I found out why nobody wanted to buy him. He wasn't in color like most of the cockatiel birds are, he was all white and gray and because of that he was more expensive than other birds (what racism...).

I went home but his sad look touched my heart and after a few days of trying to forget about him I realized that I must help him.

When he came to his new home, he was scared of everything, especially the hands. Now, after six long and beautiful years, he is not so afraid anymore but he is still timid. Who knows what he's been through.

Now he is free, he is never locked in the cage but is allowed to go through the house. Once we went outside together and he just cuddled next to my heart and didn't want to leave my sight.

I love this bird so much and I am so happy he entered my life.

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First of all, I wanted to welcome you to our community „world of xpilar“. I am glad that you have done this post and told us the story and it was great to learn about Pero. I believe Pero was lucky that you have picked him up, at least he is enjoying his freedom and exploring new place. I believe white and gray is very interesting especially because it is a bit rare. He is looking gorgeous on picture.

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06.01.2021 18:21

Thank you so much dear @stef1 for your warm welcome. Yes, Pero is now one lucky little birdy :) I am glad you like the picture as it was really very spontanious. Thank you for nominating me for this program, I am so happy to read this :)

06.01.2021 19:02