ORIGINAL PAINTING: Wilderness Calling

Greetings fellow Steemians,

wilderness calling.jpg

Today I would like to share with you one of my paintings.
This one is called:
''Wilderness Calling'',
acrylic on round canvas, Φ 19,5 cm.

I painted this one while I was visiting my friend that lives near the Drava river. Oh, how this beautiful river inspired me for this painting. While we were walking towards the river we had to walk through so many cute little trees, shrubs, etc.

The variety of plants and birds around that river is breathtaking. Drava is one of the last European lowland rivers that managed to preserve Her natural dynamics and because of that, she preserved so much biodiversity. Drava is now under UNESCO's protection but I know that the rich ones would like to make another hydroelectric power plant there and destroy what's left from untouched nature there.

I try to understand what kind of brain is in this kind of people. How come that they do not understand the importance of preserving natural beauties as this Drava river has.

Here is one picture of one beautiful place on that river. Would you like to see more of them?

IMG_8357 ret.jpg

This photo was taken with Canon EOS 700D.
F: 11, ISO: 200, SHUTTER: 1/250

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Thank you for watching!

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