How to start your PERMACULTURE GARDEN?

How to start your PERMACULTURE GARDEN? 🌅

Our Garden named: Dol (we have four gardens), season 2020.

Aho dear reader!

I heard from a few people in the past 24 hours that they would like to know more about this topic so I decided to dedicate a couple of my next posts for it.


Today I will just present you the things I will write about:

  • How to start your PERMACULTURE GARDEN? introduction to the things you need to know
  • Goal and vision of the Garden
  • How to design your PERMACULTURE GARDEN?
  • How to prepare your land for Garden. Till vs. NO Till.
  • Symphony of the Soil
  • What type of soil do you have?
  • Should I raise my vegetable beds or not?
  • Importance of preserving old varieties of seeds
  • Grow your OWN SEEDLINGS! + how to take care of them
  • What do my plants eat?
  • Constructions to build in your Garden
  • PLANTOLOGY: Plant categories
  • Weeds: intruders or herbal medicine?
  • Good neighbors in the Garden
  • Crop rotation and why?
  • Fruit Forest: what is + how to create
  • Water and her key role
  • Importance of good timing: seed, plant, grow, eat
  • Nutritionisam and homegrown food


I would really like to know which of the topics are you most interested in so write it in the comments below!

See ya tomorrow!

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