How to start your PERMACULTURE GARDEN? Introduction to the things you need to know

How to start your PERMACULTURE GARDEN? 🌅 Introduction to the things you need to know.

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Design of our Garden named: Zemlja (the Land)

Greetings dear reader!

Today I would like to write about the main things we should put the focus on when creating a permacultural garden.

So there are two options at the beginning of having a garden:

(a) I already have some inherited land where I would like to make a garden
(b) I am in search of the land that I will buy and make my garden there

In option (a) there is not much we can do, but to observe the land and recognize its advantages and disadvantages.
In option (b) it is very important to look for the best land and this means that you need to know what are you looking for.


So what are the main thing I need to check out?

I will write more about each thing in more detail in my next posts.

  • Soil: what kind of quality is the soil on this land and what is its structure
  • Slope: how much % is my slope and on which side of the world it is looking at?
  • Winds: are there any strong winds on this land?
  • Water: how much water annually do my land gets
  • Sun hours: how the Sun moves through my land, check out the winter and summer Sun orbit
  • Neighbours: this fifth element is very important in permaculture. See if your neighbors are maybe using some pesticides or herbicides because if they do, you will surely get some amount of it on your land.


In my next post, I will write about how to test your soil so you can understand what type of soil you have. Also, I will give you the formula for how you calculate the slope percentage and what does it mean.

Stay tuned and RESTEEM this post if you feel like this can be helpful to your friends and followers.


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