Hello dear Steemians! I AM BACK! Let me introduce myself again...

AHO everyone! 🌞

I am Petra (which in Greek means a rock) and I feel my life's purpose is to find stability and to ground myself completely. That is why in this life amongst many other things I am a gardener so I can connect myself to Earth Element fully.

I am an artist (combining painting, digital art, 3D models, etc.), a yoga practitioner and teacher (where I actually combine many movements that I learned at dance groups or aikido classes, etc.), a permaculture designer, a storyteller, and a Co-Creator on this beautiful Planet Earth 💚 where I plan to co-create a community with my Soul Family that will provide us with complete abundance, support and new way of life, guided by the Source directly working with Mother Earth completely.

me and lovers&logo.jpg
Me and Lovers painting. More of my Art you can find on my Instagram or Facebook Page .

For the first time in my life, I feel like I can show myself fully to the world, I feel like I am not attached to who will think what about me. My only drive is to live my life fully and completely free, being myself all the time, being present and opened, sharing my love, support, wisdom and truth wherever I go.

What is FREEDOM for me? Freedom is when you can dance with the wind, sing from the heart, enjoy your life living your Dreams ✨

I am a deeply spiritual being. I belong to no religion though. I know that I am able to connect myself to the Source directly, without anyone trying to put me in some boxes. Of course, I respect and cherish ancient knowledge and I respect many teachers and feel blessed for being able to grow and develop with their guidance and support but I see them as those with who I agreed to meet so I can gain wisdom on many aspects of spirituality and still remain free from all attachments and categorizations. I understand that practicing discipline is of most importance in order to Awaken Myself so I do my daily practice where I can connect myself to the Source and fill myself with fresh Energy straight from the Source.

From an early age, I could see angels, I could see an Aura of the Forest and People around me. When I started to tell these things to my parents they freaked out so I stop talking about it...but never disconnected myself from this connection.

Downloading the Truth

In the past 5 years, my partner and I have been gardening organically, completely fell in love with Permaculture and this idea of living in tune with Nature. We are very active lecturers in many permacultural fields, but our main focus is permacultural gardening where we wish to teach people how to have a garden that will provide you with fresh, organic food all year long even in this continental climate we live in ( ➘ Croatia).

Amaranth i ja.jpg
Amaranth and me hugging for eternity 🌿 💚

My dear Steemians, I am so happy to start writing posts here again and share them with this community. Thank you for reading and tell me, what would you like to read about next??

Sending you much Love 💓

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16.12.2020 20:19

Welcome back dear Petra :-) I am really happy to find people here which are close to nature and free in mind. I am interested in permaculture and spiritual topics ;)

17.12.2020 06:44

Awesome! So happy to connect with you dear 😊

17.12.2020 07:52

Hello @petra. I am really impressed by the tall Amaranth plants. We have a smaller variety in #jamaica where I am from and they never get that tall. Or maybe we eat them before they ever get this tall :-)

23.12.2020 22:44