Uh sheet

Here’s a quick project that has been a huge help and costs so little it’s silly to buy the gizmos when you can sew.

As many know mattresses have gotten thinker over the past decade and when your budget (or style) doesn’t allow you to just get new sheets, the corners will pop off on those restless nights.


While gazing through catalogs i saw some interesting gizmos to compensate for this issue and then looked through my endless supplies.

I used to have time to sew boxer shorts for my hubby and so back in the day i found elastic for that purpose at a ridiculous discount. Now the spool mostly collects dust.

Here’s what i did, cut 10 inches of elastic and sewed to the two corners that i put at the top of the bed. Too lazy to do all four. And it works great.


Hope it might help others save some bucks.

Happy #needleworkmonday 🧵🧦

PS i just cleared out my sock drawer and came across a bunch of socks i made over the years!


Have a great week everyone!
🌊 🌙

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I have a pair of these gizmos: a strap of elastics with clips on the ends - I'll try to find them and make a picture. They must be quite old, they belonged to my mother.

The socks are nice, too :)

Sewing is thirsty work - have a !BEER

29.09.2019 22:42

Thanks @muscara ☺️ I’ve seen the ones that use clips from garter belts in catalogs.

And thanks for the beer! I love beer which is why as i wrote to @neumannsalva in response to her skirt post, that I prefer wearing my skirts at the waist. It’s my secret for hiding my beer belly. ☺️

01.10.2019 17:16

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Hey @oceanmoon, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

29.09.2019 22:42

I have been thinking to sew that very same thing for my cushion seat covers and I was thinking to sew the elastic along the corners but this is a much better idea! Thank you! The socks look pretty :)

30.09.2019 06:13

Totally do it! Works great. And thanks @marblely

01.10.2019 17:17

We have a mattress cover on one of our kid’s bed and it has these very same elastic straps on the four corners to help keep it nice and snug. I didn’t even think of this for regular sheets. My husband and I could definitely use this for our bed because the more you wash your sheets the smaller they become. 😄

Thanks so much for sharing this hack!

01.10.2019 02:45

Thank you @croseille for creating this venue to share 🧵 I lov sharing! And I’ve noticed some sheets shrink too.

01.10.2019 17:19

Always a pleasure! ☺️😉

04.10.2019 04:46

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02.10.2019 13:03

Yay! Thank you all!

So glad to participate, thank you all for curatating.

03.10.2019 16:51

😮😮 My bedsheets are always so small, I have to use brute force to pull them over the mattress 😂 I guess I need a tool to stretch the sheets instead of attach them on the mattress.... But your idea is a great one, I am always amazed when people find practical solutions as I am not so good in doing this myself.
And the sock is really cute (did you also find the second one?) 😍

02.10.2019 16:48