Photography Macro : Xylocopa Latipes

Hay friend Steemit this afternoon I'm cleaning my own plants which I happen to be a plant hobbyist, and love my activities every evening, and by chance this afternoon I found an animal perching in my garden and I immediately took my cellphone. to take a picture.

and as I know that this small animal or as a tropical wood bee is a large bee and is also known to be strong and has a needle at the end of its mouth, and this animal also has nice wings, which are reddish green and when this animal spreads its wings it will look more beautiful.

and here are some of the images that I can produce, and hopefully macro photo lovers and loyal friends of Steem can like my results and I say thank you, and best wishes from me, hopefully friends Steem always easy sustenance and always succeed in working .


Photo @ocean-renggo






Greetings to all true friends of Steem.
By @ocean-renggo

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