OCDB Fund Vote 141

OCDBFUND is selfsustainable now and won't bother calculating the returns, will be using @likwid to not have the rewards be powered up. This account is only used when the queue is low of @ocdb, in this case in preparation to an upcoming hardfork and big changes involved in the account.

Please do not vote on these posts.


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You got a 26.25% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @ocdbfund! :)

@ocdb is a non-profit bidbot for whitelisted Steemians, current max bid is 15 SBD and the equivalent amount in STEEM.
Check our website https://thegoodwhales.io/ for the whitelist, queue and delegation info. Join our Discord channel for more information.

If you like what @ocd does, consider voting for ocd-witness through SteemConnect or on the Steemit Witnesses page. :)

06.07.2019 23:32

This post earned a total payout of 17.382$ and 13.069$ worth of author reward which was liquified using @likwid. To learn more.

13.07.2019 22:55