[TeamOCD] Gods Unchained Steem Weekend Tournament Results + New Rare Genesis Chest Contest!

Another TeamOCD GU STEEM Weekend Tournament behind us. Some stats from this tournament: 686 total wins from 26 active participants! Number is down a bit but it's understandable as things were a bit in limbo awaiting card activation and the incentives from the GU team for the weekend tournament have dropped a bit as well with the removal of chest rewards. Here on teamOCD we will still keep giving out chests though and continue to do so in the future by purchasing more rare or even legendary chests maybe. ;)


Here are the results of the active participants during last weekend tournament and their rewards in Steem!

Steem Username Wins STEEM rewards
hERoIC15397 50 10
nelyp 13 2.6
pedromonteiro 10 2
destroyer 7 1.4
Snook 28 4.8
[steem] culgin 6 1.2
Mister-Meeseeks 25 5
QuinnBear 94 18.8
[OCD] Kaeserotor 8 1.6
northmountain 21 4.2
steemer-sayu907 3 0.6
cryptoznewb 41 8.2
atnazo 20 4
kinakomochi 8 1.6
@yoshiko 26 9.6
tonimontana 2 0.4
z3ll 69 13.8
rozio 5 1
schubes 5 1
TONPA 14 2.8
emsonic6 11 2.2
トンディ 71 14.2
Dirapa 12 2.4
vertolka 63 12.6
verbalshadow 27 5.4
GreenGuy 63 12.6

Now let's get to the winners of the rare genesis chests!

1 Rare chest to the highest MMR of the weekend, congratulations @steeminator3000 / Destroyer!
1 Rare chest to the highest amount of wins of the weekend, congratulations @quinnsarith / QuinnBear!
1 Rare chest to the player who referred most GU players to teamOCD, congratulations to no one, lol.
1 Rare chest to a random player with at least 10 wins during the weekend, congratulations to: (watch the video below for results)

Alright guys, since there has been very low interest in inviting more members to our Discord, getting them a free Steem account and introducing them to our immutable platform where they won't get censored and can earn crypto for blogging and especially creating Gods Unchained content - we wanted to spice things up a bit.

Starting from now, the TeamOCD user who manages to bring in the most new players to our Discord, either already existing Gods Unchained players who don't have a Steem account or users who already have a Steem account but haven't played Gods Unchained will be awarded a Rare Genesis Chest by the end next weekend.

We will monitor the invited users Steem + GU activity at our own discretion to make sure no foul play is being had.

We are excited about markets going live and being able to send out the previous rare genesis chests to the winners since we were not able to do so before. Rare chests are currently going for 0.12 ETH on markets such as tokentrove.io. Please make sure to either leave your Eth address you want your Rare chest to be sent to here in this post (if you've won one), or DM me on Discord if you want to keep the address private.

So to participate in this contest, all you have to do is invite an existing GU player to our Discord where they can request a Steem account in the #steem-accounts channel, or mention a new Steemian you've gotten to try Gods Unchained out so they can get their @unchainedgod role in our growing community.

We will be hosting another tournament for next weekend with some exciting prizes, make sure to follow @ocd to not miss out on the announcement post!

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Thank You!!!

23.11.2019 04:29

Congrats!!! :)
But don't steal my stuff again ok? That chest was mine :P

23.11.2019 04:34


23.11.2019 04:40

Congratz! :)

23.11.2019 11:58

Woot! Here is my address :D


Thanks a bunch!

23.11.2019 04:32

Will need a moment to figure out how to send these out. :D

23.11.2019 04:40

I need to play GU this weekend so I can catch up on some wins.

23.11.2019 05:21

damn my ass is totally getting bust this weekender with still 0 wins

will try to see if i can invite some more peepz, but not really sure how to contact them as yet

23.11.2019 14:57

Hey man! I wanna participate in the next tournament!
My GU username is: MIST

24.11.2019 00:22

Please sign up on the next post :)

24.11.2019 13:06

my address :
Thank You :D

24.11.2019 00:35

Sent :)

24.11.2019 13:05

Thank you!!!:D

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24.11.2019 04:28

Thank you! I am very happy!

26.11.2019 07:31

Thank you! :D

27.11.2019 10:36