[TeamOCD] Gods Unchained is starting

Gods Unchained is a blockchain based trading card game we have been fascinated with, not just the game itself but the team behind it and the community as well. As there are a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts there and many newcomers joining the cryptospace but not having an immutable platform to discuss, connect and post about Gods Unchained, we would like to offer a platform on the Steem blockchain for these players. I think we all agree a place free of censorship is important in this day and age.

What can you expect from TeamOCD

Free and fast Steem account, either by contacting us in our Discord Server or requesting an account through email at: steemyoo@gmail.com.

  • Curation of your Gods Unchained content posted on Steem, this includes things such as:
  • Streams (post when you go live with a Twitch embed or stream on Steem through https://3speak.online/)
  • Video content such as matches, tutorials, tips and tricks, deck guides, etc (can be posted on https://3speak.online/ or https://d.tube)
  • Screenshots with some text explaining what made you take it
  • Text based content, some good examples to this would be what @saintsunchained posts about
  • All kinds of stuff, try it out and see if you get curated for it. :)

We will also be sponsoring the best players in TeamOCD with Tournament Passes for the big GU Tournament with a prize pool of over $500k. (Passes are valued at 0.1 ETH each currently)

TeamOCD weekly tournaments between Steem accounts once the Friend System and challenging certain players is integrated into the game!

A nice growing community in our Discord server and many more things to come in the future, drop by and say hi! :)

To get started

After you have an account and have joined our Discord, all you gotta do is start posting on Steem!
To make our life easier to find your content we encourage you to use the #godsunchained or #teamocd tags or drop links in our post promotion section in the Discord.

For starters we will curate most Gods Unchained content (that are worthy of curation regarding effort and quality), this means also content from other GU Teams that post on Steem. We welcome and encourage others to start their own teams and existing teams to receive a Steem account from us and curation. Looking forward to Tournaments between teams in the near future as well! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or in our Discord

Promotion for newcomers

We are offering a promotion to newcomers who use our beta key invite.

After you have registered through our link, leave your username in these posts and we will send you Steem for your wins!

For each 10 wins, you will earn 1 Steem. This is of course on top of the tickets from the Raffle the Gods Unchained team is running. The Steem will be sent daily to your accounts. This offer is valid until the Raffle ends on the 18th (in 1 week).

Here is OCD's beta invite key to Gods Unchained!

We will be adding a referral system in the near future for users getting other players to create a Steem account through us for Steem prizes and possible Steem Power delegation. Stay tuned for more info on that.

See you in the arena! :)

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I am updating my game now, but will look at getting content again that is fresh, since I never got around to making a post about GU! I will aim for videos, but screenshots if I feel like writing a bigger post instead. :)

11.10.2019 05:41

Thank to TeamOCD for this initiative.

11.10.2019 06:33

Joined your discord :) Other than Splinterlands, Gods Unchained is the only game I play. :)

Looking forward to the big tournament.

11.10.2019 12:38

looks a bit like hearthstone

11.10.2019 13:59

Yeah it's inspired by it but a lot of cool new features and advantages to players due the being backed by blockchain.

11.10.2019 15:30

And Heartstone looks like Magic: the gathering πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

12.10.2019 09:59

The image certainly looks amazing. Best wishes for the success of the game. Happy Friday OCD.

11.10.2019 15:51

Verry verry good the project frinds.

11.10.2019 16:51

Hell lemme give it a try,,,why not!

11.10.2019 19:25

Feel free to ask in our discord if you get stuck on something. :)

11.10.2019 23:55

karinxxl is the username

lets get cracking now! And will ask all questions there indeed, thanks!

12.10.2019 09:25

Awesome, welcome! :)

12.10.2019 09:32

I mentioned in the post that those who use OCD's ref will have to mention either in these posts or on our discord what their steem usernames are. :)

12.10.2019 03:37

That's like new version of Hearthstone with some more possibilites and unique mechanics. 😎
Sounds intresting.

I drop it from second package, lucky? πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜


12.10.2019 01:46

Woah, that's a pretty sweet pull actually. :D nice!

You can check godsunchained.info for an estimated value of your cards, markets will go live next month after the presale ends!

12.10.2019 03:36

Might as well drop an email

12.10.2019 06:51

Hmm, the email part is for a steem account which you already seem to have. :D

12.10.2019 07:05

Nice! I get stuck streaming properly with OBS...

12.10.2019 10:00

Nice! I made an account a while ago but stopped once I realized the game was not live yet and progress would be reset

12.10.2019 11:55


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12.10.2019 18:12

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12.10.2019 18:53

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

12.10.2019 19:48

Dear OCD,

This initiative does not seem worthy of the trending pages. You have been using your SP since the HF to suppress self promotion using bid bots. But now you are using your SP to promote your own initiatives and send people to your discord. Enticing people to register through your link. Etc etc. While this isn’t Bid Bot use, it isn’t really keeping to your mission of curating under valued posts either. It feels like you are monopolizing the conversation. Both by down voting other steemians and by upvoting yourself. While this may not be your intention the optics are sketchy.

Additionally, your promise to upvote this sort of content means all of our feeds will be filled with posts about this game. Just because you (a powerful account) are methodically supporting this content. And as you upvote content you have enticed the community to create, you will also be gaining curation rewards.

Will you be burning the rewards from this post or sending them to null?

13.10.2019 04:48

We are burning 20% of the rewards, 30% going to the OCD team as they've been getting downvoted a lot lately and 50% to myself for the initiative and work involved to get new gamers to join Steem. As you know we lack users and the whole initiative is to bring in new people that could use an immutable platform free of censorship. All of our efforts are with Steem's long term health in mind, although I understand your concern you can see in my latest post how little of OCDB's voting power we are using to "reward" ourselves with.

Having said that this initiative is already bearing fruit and I can't wait to write about what we are accomplishing with it but don't want to spoil anything just yet.

15.10.2019 08:17

Thank you. I appreciate your response.

15.10.2019 13:11

Wow! Sounds great! Thank you for your initiative

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14.10.2019 04:39

Thanks for the post.

14.10.2019 21:33