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[Team OCD] Steem Weekend Tournament Results!

First off apologize for the delay of the results, I know some of you have been wondering what's up but there's been some IRL circumstances making it more difficult and me having to catch up with everything once I got back to it. The game is a bit stagnant at the moment as players are waiting for the new season and new cards that come with it along with all new additions such as core cards, trinkets and board markets so hope you didn't get too annoyed by the late results of the last tournament.

Anyway, here they are!

Steem Username Wins STEEM rewards
@greenguy654 125 54.9
@the38th 69 30.3
kaeserotor 47 20.6
verbalshadow 40 17.6
heroic15397 36 15.8
cryptoznewb 34 14.9
crispysocks 34 14.9
arsenal49 29 12.7
rotak 29 12.7
dehenne 20 8.8
northmountain 20 8.8
vlemon 19 8.3
z3ll 12 5.3
dirapa 11 4.8
atnazo 10 4.4
steeminator3000 10 4.4
enjar 10 4.4
quinnsarith 10 4.4
destroyedarkana 7 3.1
nelyp 4 1.8
karinxxl 3 1.3
pedromonteiro 2 0.9
runmletiltskin 1 0.4

Total wins 683.

Genesis Chest winner:

Decided to also record me pasting in the usernames in there so you don't think I attempted to cheat the drawing by just re-recording it if I didn't like the outcome based on the fact that I'd be too lazy to redo the process of adding all usernames again. :D

Thanks for participating everyone, we'll be having a new tournament very soon but before that some new changes to how we curate GU content and a new addition I think all of you are going to like very much! See you in the next post!

Like always, post rewards going to @teamocd to further fund these tournaments and future ones!

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