OCD Daily: Issue #427

OCD DAILY - Issue #427

Welcome to the 427th issue of @OCD Daily!

Issue #427 highlights content from six (6) Steem Content Creators! The OCD team continues its search throughout Steem to find you the undervalued gems, as provided by relatively new users.

Today our curators found six (6) new pieces of original content! We strive to find works that are created by newer Steem users, that may not have the audience with which to share their quality content. @OCD strives to help provide that audience and intends to showcase Steem users who put in the extra effort to create creative, original content.

The @OCD nomination process

A curator will FIND a piece of work (typically from newer users). Within 24 hours that piece has been submitted from the curator to the @OCD team, curator votes are tallied, and the pieces with the most votes are included in the compilation.

We encourage you to visit these blogs and show these great Steemians your support and encouragement.

If you enjoyed their work, give them a Follow or maybe even say Hello!

All of the content chosen by our curators is undervalued, but there is always one piece that rises to the top. That piece is universally appreciated and valued by our curators making it OCD’s Top Nomination of the Day.


Our top nomination of the day is from @skeenee

Have you ever wished that you could have walked into an artist's gallery virtually? Well, this is your chance to visit @skeenee's cryptovoxel virtual gallery where he presents his studies of animal anatomy and bone structures! The greeter, a dapper skeleton, gives a wonderful cheer to the visitors :smile:
Curated by @veryspider
Skeenee´s Virtual Art Gallery


Our next nomination of the day is from @cicisaja

@cicisaja took us a shop she walked past numerous times but never went in because she didn’t have the cash on her previous times. This time, she was ready and took us with her to get some items for the house. What I liked about @cicisaja was she compared some of the prices of the items in Steem! Check out what she ended up getting after the visit
Curated by @travelgirl
Market Friday : Sembarang Payu


Our next nomination of the day is from @craigcryptoking

It's been a tough season for making honey, and such cases need timely action. @craigcryptoking shares pictures and takes us through the process of setting up Bee hives to attract new swarms to help with the honey flow.
Curated by @jznsamuel
Preparing Bee-Hives For The Honey-Flow!


Our next nomination of the day is from @empathetic

Ever since @empathetic was a young child she knew she wanted to become a doctor. That was until she went to USA to learn English, and joined the school choir, and now she's a music teacher. Recently her 10 year old son was asked at school what he wanted to be when he grows up, and he didn't have an answer. That got her thinking how she should handle this issue. Her post is an interesting read for all parents with young children.
Curated by @LivingUKTaiwan
Career choice for kids ... finding true calling


Our next nomination of the day is from @plantfuljourney

@plantfuljourney is headed out for a birthday night on the town with thier husband, and they take us along for the experience! Check out the photos of thier date night by visiting the blog linked below:
Curated by @Ma1neEvent
Birthday dinner in den Bosch


Our final nomination of the day is from @thranax

In this post by @thranax, you can see how pinball games developed into something special. This is a great review and a video gameplay of Star Wars Pinball game for Nintendo Switch. But be careful, it will make you nostalgic about the old school gaming! :D
Curated by @whack.science
The Force is intense in Switch

This concludes today’s edition of the OCD Daily. We would like to congratulate the featured authors as well as those nominated.
We hope you were able to take away something different, fresh, and new from these posts, provided by the @ocd curators.
The OCD team would also like to thank those that strive to make a difference. As anyone can create a post but only some can create/build value.
Stop by tomorrow for another edition of OCD Daily!
Keep up the great work creating original content.
You never know when @ocd may be around :)
Today's post was authored by @LivingUKTaiwan
Know that your Resteem supports undervalued authors!

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Comments 18

Great job everyone, a really nice compilation of interesting quality content!

05.10.2019 04:30

I think they do make some mistakes

I did like this post though.
I think they also could use my help on curation and Steem price improvement.

05.10.2019 10:53

Do you support people gaining the system and leechers?

If you do not understand changes that arrived with HF21/22, then go and read it. See what we did to Steem before by behaving like leechers.

05.10.2019 10:57

I support much more freedom. I think you guys should be more cautious with downvotes especially if a post is decent and/or good.

Hopefully you guys can improve things. Maybe do an appeals page or something?

I think a nominations page would be good as well and maybe also help you guys and increase user interaction. Feel free to "spam" me if you do it. :)

You might also want to look at this post which I feel is important for the blockchain to see.


05.10.2019 11:25

Sry, I don't have time for that. If you don't understand new HF, that's your problem.

I think @ocd @ocdb and many others have helped to keep 1 million plus "leachers"/users off of steemit.com.

Yap, we can thank them for that.

You can create Leech Blockchain, and all of you can have fun there while the price of your token goes to 0 woohoo much wow much fun

05.10.2019 11:33

I edited my comment but I think there should be a way for people like me to have mistaken downvotes removed.

06.10.2019 02:55

congratulations to all the featured authors!

05.10.2019 04:38

Thank you @travelgirl and @ocdb for featuring me and I appreciated all support from the community

05.10.2019 05:27

you are welcome @cicisaja - thank you for the great post! :)

05.10.2019 09:40

Wow! What a nice surprise to wake up to; thank you so much @veryspider @ocd! And to think I actually hesitated to post this because I thought people would not be interested in that kind of content:P I am really glad I did! By the way I am launching my social money $SKULL later today, so pop by the gallery to claim some if you have the time:P

05.10.2019 05:40

:D you know i love your stuff, @skeenee!!! you are super talented and super nice <3 <3 <3

keep up the great work!

05.10.2019 22:28

I think my downvotes should be removed.

I think this upvote should be removed

Why is this post so bad?https://goldvoice.club/steem/@dlike/weekly-sponsor-report-59-plagiarism-check-and-new-editor-added

I think this downvote should be removed

I think thi flag should be removed.
Please read the comments!
I think there are other flags which should be removed!
Please look at the posts you downvoted that have comments!!!
I think you should consider upvoting some of the authors you have abused.

05.10.2019 10:51

Stop buying votes for your comments.

We are downvoting based on accounts buying profitable votes from bid bots, we're not going to justify each case to you and you wouldn't deserve knowing why either as they are all content indifferent and only exist because they are buying profitable votes from bid bots.

Read my latest post if you want to understand how allowing vote-selling undermines the EIP and makes Steem a weak currency. This is my last response to you as you seem to be unstable considering the amount of comments you are spamming everyone on the chain about this case.

05.10.2019 13:18

I thought that was a damn good underpaid comment. Stop being an abusive asshole nazi who only cares about increasing the rewards pool while not caring at all about the Steemit users.

Could you maybe help get a bot going for Steemleo? I hope they are able to get one going very soon but I wouldn't mind having two.

I will definitely read it and likely reply to it and maybe even respond to it in my blog post but do you understand bond markets and how reducing the user base by like 1 million users or so "might" negatively impact the price?

This platform needs a competent leader. You should get behind me and reverse the votes and help me raise the price. You idiots focus to much on the stupid pool when you should have xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxx but yeah like I said: F I X T H E D A M N V O T E S including this asinine post you just made.

05.10.2019 13:41

Thank you very much for this vote that I did not expect, thank you very much

05.10.2019 11:21

I loved the abstract you made for my article... I felt I'd been carefully read... And it's a special feeling. Thank you.

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08.10.2019 22:11