OCD Beneficiary appreciation post # 9

With these posts OCD wants to support users that have helped OCD and at the same time Steem voluntarily with their time, effort and activity.

Half of the post rewards will go to our developer @jga who has forked, altered and maintained the non-profit @ocdb distribution bot in almost a year, without him and his efforts one of the biggest accounts on Steem at this time may probably not exist. We want to thank him for being a prominent user of our platform and helping distribution of stake.

The other half will go to one of our active Reddit moderators of r/steemit for over a year now who is also a great developer; @eonwarped. Thanks for everything you do on Steem daily and every tool, bot and other helpful activity you've provided towards our subreddit to keep it clean without spam.

Feel free to vote on these posts as all of the post rewards will go towards these users. Thanks for reading. :)

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Vote as I can, hope useful :) thanks @ocd.

15.07.2019 18:06

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15.07.2019 18:21

Voted and Resteemed.

Keep Steemin!!

15.07.2019 19:14