O.C.D. Sharing is Caring #9


Hello Everyone!

If you where not aware, in the past few weeks O.C.D has been curating Steem content that gets shared on Reddit, be it on the designated sticky post in our subreddit /r/steemit or out in the wild when it gets shared in subreddits related to the content steemians make.

We have seen success in this initiative in the form of increased activity on both our subreddit and of Steem content being shared on Reddit and with that in mind we would like to expand our Reddit-Steem activity to drive even more traffic from Reddit into Steem and hopefully convert redditors into Steemians and increase the traffic and ad revenue steemit is currently getting!

If you want to know how we curate Steemians that share their content on reddit right now, check out this post for a short set of instructions. We are going to keep curating steemians that share their posts in our sticky and those that share their own content on subreddits related to their created content. We encourage this a lot more than sharing it in our sticky if you believe your content can fit on a subreddit where it can be seen openly by a lot of people!

How does this initiative work?

For starters, did you know that Steemit posts have a share button? Yes? No? Well they are right there below every post that gets shared here on Steemit and we want you to use them more often! And we will reward you for doing so, especially the Reddit one which is the one we can actually keep track of... but you should share Steem posts everywhere! Your posts and other people's posts as well!

After Pressing the share button you will be presented with the following screen:

As you can see, there's a pretty handy option for sharing original content where you are presented with optimal communities for sharing content created here on Steem but if you feel like these communities just don't match the content you want to share, feel free to browse this list of popular subreddits and find the one that meets the criteria of the original content you want to share:

List of Subreddits


We Have Now Expanded to Twitter as Well!

The process for sharing on Twitter is pretty much the same as sharing on Reddit! Use the Twitter share button to share original content created by other Steemians and share it on Twitter using the #OCSteem hashtag and other appropriate tags you might deem usable for said post! Remember that after all, the whole point of this initiative is to bring awareness about Steem to users outside of our sphere!


How to Earn Rewards for Sharing Posts?

Now you know how to share, now lets show you how to earn rewards for your favorite author and for yourself! There are 2 ways of getting curated for sharing Steem content on Reddit, the Sharing is Caring initiative is to reward you for sharing others content there but if you want to share your own content, visit /r/steemit and share it there on our weekly sticky for a chance at being curated by OCD there, also feel free to share it around reddit communities that might enjoy your original content!

If you want to earn rewards by sharing original content from other users here on Steem, you just got to follow the share instructions presented above and you have to leave a comment right here, telling us what post you shared and where, just like this:

You don't even have to give us the direct link to Reddit, mentioning which subreddit you shared it is enough for us to verify you! He indeed did it right!

Both the creator and the sharer will get an equal proportion of this posts liquid rewards so make sure to upvote it and share it with your friends for maximum results!



To reduce the overload in just 1 thread we are going to be running 2 of these weekly now! So feel free to start sharing now in this thread and not in the sunday edition!


OCD Has a Steem Witness...

# @OCD-Witness!

You can vote for @ocd-witness, with SteemConnect or on Steemit Witnesses.

Read all about the new @OCD-Witness on @Acidyo's Announcement Post.

Whitelisted authors may use @ocdb - a non-profit bidbot for whitelisted Steemians. Check our website for the whitelist, queue and delegation info.

Join our Discord channel for more information.

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Even if it shouldn't, this is news for me and I didn't know about this feature nor paid attention. Will try to do some sharing with my next post, thanks for this initiative to bring awareness.

19.09.2019 10:20

Thanks to @lizelle for bringing this initiative to my attention! And to @ocd for supporting the growth of the community!

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19.09.2019 13:00

Hey @plantstoplanks don't forget to share on Reddit as well to be in line for the rewards- see the how to at end of post ;)

19.09.2019 16:10

Oh shoot, it has to be on Reddit, too? I have never really gone on there before. 😂

19.09.2019 17:52

I used to use the chat to message abd then forgot about it, only drop links in there now, it's so quick😉

19.09.2019 17:56

but the sunday edition will still be taken into account?

19.09.2019 13:41
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19.09.2019 18:09
19.09.2019 19:08

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20.09.2019 09:26

Thank you!! (Just saw this)

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10.10.2019 23:10

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20.09.2019 09:29

I've shared this post on Reddit from @paulmp

Also like to mention I've been redirecting my YouTube videos to my steemit posts because I'd like to get more people visiting Steem/DTube over from YouTube

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21.09.2019 22:48

A gothic photoshoot with haunting tree-women~ Check out the make up artistry, specially the hair do! ___

Amazing post from @patschwork :D :D :D

Shared it on Twitter also cuz fabuloussss~

22.09.2019 22:00

<3 Thank you, lovely spider!

23.09.2019 10:27

<3 <3 <3

23.09.2019 23:00

Here is my tweet:


I'm promoting the latest weekly round up post by @steemitmamas.


womenincrypto rock, and we have some great female bloggers here. I hope for more support of this excellent initiative.

23.09.2019 14:56

Neat portrait of Janelle Monae by @edgaruvm :D Steps are included in the post~ If you are a fan of Janelle's music, check this out :D :D :D

Also shared it at Twitter wooooooo!

23.09.2019 23:00

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24.09.2019 15:58

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I onboarded my friend from our gaming community @memento.mori. Would be cool to give him a warm welcome :)

24.09.2019 21:07

Neat review by Steemit's @wiseagent of this horror movie, Hell Fest! A timely article to prepare for Halloweentober!! :D

Shared it on Twitter as well :)

24.09.2019 22:47

Here is my tweet:

I tweeted this post by @coingecko.

We are lucky to have this awesome crypto reporting site on STEEM and I am so happy to see their posts getting more support from big blogs here now :)

25.09.2019 04:54

If you're in Kuala Lumpur and you're in the moods for some Pho, check out this amazing review by @joelai :D :D :D

Twittered it also \o/

26.09.2019 00:00

Thank you soooooooo much @veryspider for sharing this with @ocd!!!!!

26.09.2019 07:12

Shared this AMAZING post from @midlet !!! He compiled his portraiture works into a body of work and it's an incredible showcase!!! A MUST TO CHECK OUT !!!!

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29.09.2019 22:02

Shared this beautiful post from @blewitt at Twitter because it is so heart-warming and well-written and the DIY solution in it is simple but awesome :D


02.10.2019 01:32

Check out @achristopherart's Day 2 of Drawloween :D It's super cute and super grim at the same time! Such an adorable little fellow, perfect for the month of spooky~ ___

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03.10.2019 00:09

Sharing this post by @wirago :D I love, love this project, but this post is especially cute to me since he's including the things that big cities can't escape in his tiny village. .............. ADVERTISEMENTS !

(screaming emoji)

It's just such a great detailing and I love the craftsmanship and the artistry he has put in the ads :)

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03.10.2019 22:12

Sharing these beautiful sketches by @amalinavia! Check it out as she draws her localities for #inktober :D

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06.10.2019 22:22

Shared this new painting of the woods by Armando Sodano at Twitter :) Beautiful colours, I love this watercolour master's body of work <3

08.10.2019 22:10

@twirble has been doing a series of travel posts around LA :) She makes these posts feel super approachable, with nice photos and good write up. As if I'm right there with her, looking at the things she's looking at :) This latest post covers CicLavia and Hauser and Wirth and it's really neat <3

Shared it at Twitter, too, cuz it's lovely~

09.10.2019 22:31

@eyedrip continues to deliver awesome comic page, day after day, in the #inktober spirit !!! If you haven't seen it, DENDO DANGO is a super cool, super adorable series and it's amazing how @eyedrip incorporates the daily themes into his pages :D Check out what has been happening in the story so far and jump on board to watch @eyedrip's adventures!!! :D

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10.10.2019 22:01

Thank you so much for sharing @veryspider !! 🤩

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11.10.2019 02:01

@martist has recently completed a HUGE canvas with her new painting, check it out! The colours are so lively and beautiful and the post includes the process pictures of her work in progress stages :D

Twittered it, of course, because this needs more love, for sure ! :D

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